Lunar Eclipse Journey

After asking and calling for protection, I journey Inworld. I am sitting under a big Hazel tree. I listen to crickets converse quietly in the misty rain. Then, a Portal opens in the tree, showing stairs spiraling downward. I follow my Faery Guide, inquiring curiously,
“Going down?”
“Is it?” she enigmatically replies. “Or is it just a myst-perception?”
Ah, I remember this energy, her energy. I pay attention as I step on the spiral. Finally, the spiral staircase ends and beneath my next step is only a circle of blue sky. I pause, and watch as a ladder of sparkly gold energy unfolds. I step upon it, and climb what seems to be downward, through a clear blue sky. I end up on top of a huge leafy tree, like Chestnut, and climb to the ground. As I touch the grassy land, I feel Marcus put his hand on my shoulder, welcoming me. I turn to him, and see the sparkling in his eyes.
“Come, Lady, we must go.”
With him are two White Horses, mystical Companions directly connected to Spirit, who understand all too well this Journey. With a helping hand from Marcus, I get onto the blanket saddle of my Horse. Then, the four of us race across the countryside, leaping stone fences effortlessly, going faster than regular horses could ever go. Racing. Racing.
After a long while, we all stop for a breather – water and bread and quick rest. Off to our left is a small barn or stable of some sort. A small fire waits, as if expecting us. We near this place, somewhat cautiously, somewhat drawn. The small barn is filled with light, much more than the little fire could provide… a different kind of light… Spirit-light, Faery-light.
A man and a woman are sitting about the fire, and the woman is holding a new-born baby. I walk over and bless the infant boy, calling these Guardians for him:
Marcus steps up to the baby and draws a sigil of Druidic protection on the upper arm, which is invisible to all others except the child..
We mount the Horses, and race on through the night. After a while, we break free of the forest and stony lands, and run along with the quiet surf of the western sea… all dark from the moon holding her hands in front of her face. Farther off, we see a lighthouse reaching out of the night, on a curved rocky piece of land stretching out into the water. Before we walk out to the lighthouse, we bid fare well to the Horses who watch our backs as we continue on. Inside the lighthouse, we climb the spiral steps to the beacon area, and find we have ascended – in a parallel sense – the same steps back to the Faery Tree. The feel is like being in a light-shadow – almost the same, but not. There are great celebrations all around. What I notice, however, is that the Portal has become a Door, and the Door is closed. I am told that there are Elves protecting the Door outside, but – in my heart – something feels “not right”. I grab Marcus by his arm, and push through the Door, getting outside.
Stepping out that Door, we find ourselves stepping into Satch’s place… quite amazing! And safe… able to breathe better now… and I realize I had been holding my breath. Strange…
We three sit and share tea, conversing in low tones about what had just happened. I wander outside after a while, and sit out on a huge boulder that overlooks a valley… much like Meditation Rock at the Mountain Retreat. I try to ponder all that has just transpired in these last two weeks. I try to follow the Weave of Illusion and Disillusion, learning the difference between my Threads, my friends’ Threads, and the Threads of those who hold shadows. I discover that perhaps I need to be careful to cast judgment about whose shadows are whose.
I return to Satch’s place, in time for the second round of tea, and talk to them about the concerns I have of the Gathering’s weekend. Satch asks us to stand up, and surprises us with two sets of chain-mail armor. They are beyond magical and mystical… something drawn up from the Light. Satch passes his hands about me and then about Marcus and the chain-mail manifests in silver-gold light energy… more powerful than Mithral… He tells us that this Light-mail will reflect the degree of Dark attack back to the sender at the same degree.
Then he reminds me about my Earthdaughter status, asking for help from Lightning, Wind, Earth (quicksand, quakes, etc.), Water (ice,etc.), Trees and Ivy. He says it’s time, past time, true Time, to practice. He tells Marcus that his duty is to feed Power and Peace to me, and draw Fear from me, as like an anchor. He tells him not to worry because my imagination and the power within that can do the rest. Then, he looks at me and says, “Go practice. 68 hours only left. Be serious, Child. It will be very important to you and yours.”