Chapter 3: The Book Path

Cobblestone Path
Hard on the feet
Hard on the balance
Alone in the street
Narrow the alley
In shadows I walk-
Finding the Door on
My right – so I knock…

Quickly, I’m pulled in
And checked overall,
And where the Door was
Became only a wall;
A small candle flickered
In the hand of a girl,
“You’ll do in a pinch,
Though you’re not of my world.”

Twas a whispery voice
Laced with strength underneath
As she showed me a chair
And brought me some tea
“You’re an interestin’ sort,”
She spoke as she looked,
“And I’m guessin’ you’re here
Because of the Book.

“But the problem I’m seein’
Is what to do now,
For the Way that is easy
Is just not allowed.
But come throw this cape on,
And hide in its depths.
Don’t speak. Just you follow
My every step.”

And then, we were outside –
Though where, I’d no clue –
But I followed her closely –
What else could I do?
And she stepped through the alleys
As silent as air
Around a few corners
And then, to some stairs.

“At the top is a doorway
That leads to a Gate –
Though only old Cyric
Knows the key it will take –
But the Book brought you this far,
It’ll draw you right in…
I’m sure of it, Lady,
So it’s time to begin.

I’ll wait here in cover
So you’ll have me as guide
To help you get back to
Your world Outside;
The Book gave a promise
To me dad and me mum,
To help me this lifetime
If ever you’d come

So, go on, and see what
It holds for us two;
Don’t worry. I’ll be here.
My word is quite true.”
So I turned to the stairway
And walked through the Gate,
And there in the moonlight,
The Book glowed, on a crate.

And as I drew near it,
A ripple appeared
In the air that surrounded
The Book’s mystic sphere;
And I reached deep within it
To open its Door
And found myself in it
… and not ‘here’ anymore.

Deep in green forests
That glowed with the Web
In the land of the Faeries,
I found my first breath;
And all that lay round here
Seemed vibrant and free,
Sparkling in rhythms,
Harmonizing with me.

And there lay the Book
Glowing glittery gold
With magic and Presence
Beyond my mind’s hold;
And it called me to sit
On the grass near the tree
That it might so converse
Quite intently with me.

“This place where you sit
Is Faery and more –
This place is of Ancients;
This place is Before.
And it speaks of a deepness
That you have not known,
That waits for your asking,
Your wanting to own.

We will wander it gently
Just as much as you can
Til you’re holding your breath
And clenching your hand,
Then I’ll know to go slower
And wait for you, Child,
To gather your pieces
And rest for a while

We will work with the Green Man,
And teach you the Way
That is taught to the Ones
Who are drawn to obey
The Truth of the Light
That exists within All –
We are honored to teach you,
Who has answered the Call.

Return of the Full Moon
And meet us in here,
In this Place of Before
In this mystic-green Sphere;
But for now, it is time
To go back where you were;
Take the crate to the girl –
Tis a portal for her.”