"My aura reflects all Truth
--purely, intensely, intoned--
casting the Unaware
into pillars of ignorant Stone;
and yet, I hold a Gift:
as Changing Times draw near --
a Touch of my True Vision
to the Champion of the Spheres."

Thy stony Grace and graceful Stone
is more than I have ever known--
to step between the Dark and I,
to grant the gift of your own Eye--
has touched my Terran bone:
you heard my cry--
read now, your Song.

Basilisque stands in consternation
of the Evil ones I have known,
that had She had her ancient Way,
she'd turned them all to Stone;
but I must seek a Path for me
while honoring what she's given --
to use quite sparingly her fierce Power,
in accord with the Will of Heaven.