Alchemy to Oneness: 3-22-2009

I will write the story soon, because it has a good ending.
I have worked intensely for the last 11 years, after realizing my MPDness.
I have worked with gentle, accepting, quantum energy counselor-healers, who walked with the clans:
the children: the leaders: the trouble-makers: the terrified and traumatized: the ones who protected and functioned on the accepting fringe of life.
I have been blessed wonderfully by having supportive friends, family and partner.

I am now experiencing the alchemy of ONENESS...

not just at the psychological level,
but the spiritual, the emotional, the psychic, and the physical.
We are all one: no one had to leave; no one had to 'die'; no one had to stay;
no one had to be anything but what she or he was and is...
for they are surely alive, as I am.


I step beyond
my mortal thoughts
into the Void
of Sacred Ways,
into the Core
of Sacred Truth,
into the Web
of Light's own Hand...
I stand amazed...
and know I AM.