The Air Elemental

As I wandered out into the Haven of my Clansite, midst the trees, of a sudden, on the lower branch of an aspen, an air elemental appeared. She was about my size and invited me to come sit up on a branch and chat for a while. She preferred the air of trees to the air of the ground, and so I found a makeshift ladder-thing and climbed up into a facing low branch. Her coloring amazed me because it shimmered like a liquid rainbow, changing from iridescent royal blues, to emerald greens, and golds, and ruby reds and many inbetween, plus colors which have no human name for them. I thought to myself that the jewel colors reminded me of dragonflies, and she said to me, "Who do you think greeted you when you entered this domain?"... reminding me of the dragonfly which had landed on my shirt... it was her. I mentioned that 'air' was often connected to 'communication', and that I had a lot of trouble speaking my Truth, speaking out, and just speaking in general. She replied that the Breath that flows through me was dammed up in many little energy areas, and unfocused in others. She suggested working on balancing my energy in the Jin Shin Jyutsu work that I was doing and having done with me. Then she asked me to sniff the air. Curious, I did, but I picked up nothing. She then told me to close my eyes and clear my thoughts; relax a bit. As I did this, suddenly I could smell the salt of the ocean. I could "see" through my smell and taste of the air, that I had just tied down my fishing boat (or rather an ancestor of mine) and come into the local tavern. I was ribbed for having come in early, when there was such a need for fish in the village. I told them I smelled a big storm brewing of the coast, and if I stayed out on the sea, I knew I would lose not only the fish, but my boat and myself, as well. They raised their mugs (the few who had also returned, and the fewer still who no longer could go to sea)and said, "Sure, Seamus, we believe ye." And it is true, that some did. No more than fifteen minutes went by when the wind began hammering at the shutters, the ocean had gone dull gray-green and the surf was beating up on the boats at the pier. We lost several boats that evening; and two men and a boy. No one thought about the fish. No one asked me how I knew. I came back to the Sylph, and looked at her quizzically. She said, "One more for now." So I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind. I could "hear" the clanking of crude metal cups and the brash, reckless voices of Vikings in their Keep. I could smell the roast, the brew, the smoke, and - of course - them. I was there... or rather, yet another Clansman of mine. I was braced against the back wall, watching the feast and fun. But, again, I sensed danger on the wind; smelled the winds of change... something like that. I caught the eye of my close friend, and looked toward the seaward gate. He felt it, too. Tonight would be a good night for a fight. Tonight might be a good night to die. But I would rather not. I slammed my sword on my shield to get silence. And then, all of us could hear the rumble of feet and the growing sound of voices outside. We would see who would be victor tonight. This time, when I came back, she said, "Talk to Grandmother about her Clanswomen, who are yours as well. They weave the air into intricate designs to heal, to do magic, and to protect the children. Learn this. You will need it soon enough." Then she transformed back into a dragonfly and vanished into the afternoon shadows.