A Spirit-handfast

I journeyed back to Merlin’s Cave beneath Stone Henge, and followed a Path leading out to Wren’s world. She was waiting for me.
She greeted me, and told me of a place nearby where we could sit and talk a while. I followed her lead, although she actually just walked beside me, ending up near a small conversational stream. Apparently, there was quite a discussion going on between the stream and the rocks in and beside the current’s flow. Mostly, the trees just listened.
We sat on a large flat boulder that stretched from the Woods into the stream. The sun was shining brightly, and a small breeze lightened the air. Many small animals chattered back and forth in group conversations of their own. Even amidst all this, I could sense the Stillness of Creation. How awesome!
A large chestnut tree extended a long, leafy branch above us, providing mosaic shading from the sunlight. As we settled comfortably upon the boulder, Wren asked, “How are you today?”
I replied that I felt pretty good – grounded and centered a bit better than last we met. We exchanged general comments on the world, our lives, and our cultures. Then, Wren caught me off-guard when she asked:
“Would you like to Spirit-handfast?”
I looked at her, incredibly. That request would have seemed unimaginable only weeks before. Not only had no person (Human) ever asked me, but also the cultural distance between Faery and Human would have seemed insurmountable to such a thing ever taking place.


[Spirit-handfasting occurs when two Beings (“people” now seems somewhat archaic and arrogant or ignorant) make a deep contact, generally in hand clasps, sharing inner Visions of the Self. Each participant drops all boundaries but those deep ones innately designed by the Creator. I have experienced this in the Human dimensions several times with my Spirit-healer friend, and once with another close friend. That level of trust is difficult among those of the most similar backgrounds. It never occurred to me that someone so diverse – and from the Faery Realm – would even allow (nevermind, seek) such deep sharing with me. Still, the offer lingered in that quiet afternoon air.]


“I would be honored,” I said quietly, full of awe and wonder that she would trust me that much.

Sitting with our knees bent, and laying our arms upon them, we reached out and touched hands – in gentle, firm clasps. This was not just any contact, but the deep, deep release contact of intentional spirit-handfasting.
I was initially overwhelmed by the Visions: music, colors, texture, communication and Knowings all strangely alien to my own experience. I was quickly soaking this up from Wren, although it was easily beyond all my cognitive comprehension. I knew that somewhere inside of me, I would remember… and I would be changed. Perhaps the same thing was happening with her. But, regardless of the intensity, I held contact, breathed slowly, and released even deeper. At some inner level, we met at the Place of Peace and Oneness.
After maybe fifteen minutes or so (Time was simply immeasurable here), we released hands – both very quiet, integrating our sharing at depths none other can know. There was no way to share what happened… and, truly, it was not meant to be shared. Only those who Spirit-handfast would have had any references to help them understand it, in any case. And I, who had done this a few times before, was still beyond being able to express what happened – in any terms to any person. Needless to say, it was the most awesome Spirit-handfast I had ever experienced.

We sat in peaceful companionship until the sun began to set. The Forest had gotten still, as well, and all the earlier participants in congenial discussions had found quieter pursuits to engage them.
With silent agreement, Wren and I climbed down off the boulder, and headed back through the Woods. She guided me to one of the Cave’s hidden entrances, and bowed to me. I returned the bow. There was no need to speak; no sense of ‘good-by’. We understood each other at a level that spoke in our hearts.