Medicine Woman

A Vision of a Medicine bowl
manifested upon the ground,
while - facing East to greet the Sun -
I sat within my Round...
I watched the Bowl be filled somehow
with Water, pure and clear;
and, then, as Sunrise touched the Earth...
the whole thing disappeared.

Water spiraling down
from upraised palms
to muddy toes;
An intimate exchange
of Rain and Shamaness
of Earth and Windsbreath
of a sheltered Crow;
We are One -
We are the Dance:
Dance on -
There is nothing more.

Ho! Grandmother, as I sit at your knee,
please show me the Weavings of Prophecy;
the Warp of the Path, the Weft of Great Spirit,
the Voice of the Wind, and the Truth as you hear it;
the Tapestry of Sand that my hands seek to free;
the Rainbows that guard this Space around me;
Show me, Grandmother, the Way of the Ark,
the Web of my Destiny, the Anchor of my Spark;
Show me the Dance that Wovoka once knew,
but this time done proper, so the Dream will come true;
Honor, Grandmother, from your Daughter of Light,
may a sacred Wind carry you upon every Flight.