Journey Within


On a guided visualization, I am called to go to my ‘safest’ place. I go to the Elf Village of the Oberon, where I have a home. It seems, however, that the Elves have created a new dwelling for me, more toward the edge of the Village, replacing my Room near the Royal Palace. In consideration of my continual Journeying between my world and theirs – and to accommodate guests other than Fae – they have built an extraordinary Treehouse for my Home, through which the Veil traverses. This will make it easier and safer to allow all my family and friends to visit and be a part of my Home, while protecting my Fae visitors as well. It is incredibly beautiful. There is a porch – or external catwalk – completely surrounding my new Home, so that I may sit outside on either side of the Veil. As I sit on the Fae-side porch, I notice that what appear to be windows are actually sheets of delicate energy. What fine magic the Oberon has allowed to be used here!

As I am resting on the porchwalk, I open myself to experience all the mystical bonds of energy between the natural world and me. I can hear the singing, taste the light tingling, see the luminous threads that are living and breathing within, without, and beyond me. While I am relaxing into this most wondrous feeling, I see a sparkling crystal quartzite Path leading out into the Sequoia trees. I know that I want to follow it, and so I do. After a while, I catch a glimpse of an immense waterfall in the distance. Traveling closer, I realize that there is a castle at the top of the cliff where the waterfall begins its Song. It is made of the same crystal quartzite as the Path. As I near it, I see that there is no gate, and so I cautiously walk into the courtyard. I follow an Inner Calling to the top of the Highest Tower (the castle’s Crow’s Nest – obvious in Knowing of me). I enter the Room. Many friends and Inner Family members joyously greet me. Then I see the Child – “Hope” – sitting serenely across from the Doorway. She beckons me to come, sit beside her. She gives me a Gift, and – in return – requests to travel with me to experience the world. I am pleased to have her journey with me, and open the Gift. It is a compass. But it is a non-directional one. There are no cardinal points – no “North” – on it. I am puzzled, and ask her about it. She says that it is a compass that points in the direction of Highest Good.

We leave the castle together, and begin journeying upon the crystal Path. It leads, after about a mile, past a Cottage. We are called to visit there, and meet an older woman, full of love and joy and peace. She invites us in for cookies and cocoa, which the Child enjoys immensely (and so do I…). Then, she gives me a Gift (and a bag of cookies for the Child), and we set off again on the Path. I open this Gift, as we wander farther on, and discover another puzzling tool. It looks something like a flip-open cellphone or PDA. Minute directions indicate that, if a name is entered or if the device is aimed at a specific entity, it will show exactly those aspects that are also my own… like seeing myself in another.

As we walk about another mile down the crystal Path, we come upon a Time-Space nexus, a node of exquisitely gentle yet powerful energy. Appearing before us is my future Self. She says she is called “Lady Silverhawk”, and she also gives me a Gift. She says that when I finish this Journey that is who I will be known as. I will have shifted up a third in the vibratory energy tone of Creation. She tells me the Path continues, but my Journey ends just beyond the Sequoia tree ahead on the trail. She explains that my Gift is a small mystical multi-faceted crystal ball. When I focus on a specific facet – representative of a specific entity – I will be able to see how they see, feel how they feel, and experience the reality they have created for themselves. It will enhance and deepen my Knowing… that All are One, All are Me, I am One, I am All… and that I need not choose loneliness anymore. Then she dissipates into the Myst, and I am left alone with the Child.

I ask the Child where she would like to go, as the Journey ends soon, and she replies that she has chosen to remain in my heart. So saying, she turns and miniaturizes the Cottage, placing it in my heart as well, and then asks me to hold her. I pick her up, and then watch in amazement as she diminishes in size to but a tiny flame of bluish-white light. She enters the Cottage, and settles – as a Child – into the lap of the Old Woman, quietly napping in her rocking chair.