Winds and Breezes

Ho! Wind...
shaking the Trees
rattling the Leaves
tossing the Rain
whispering my Name
--Thank you--
for pushing me out of Danger.

Wind speaks,
in her rustling voice:
"Beware the shifting Sands;
the Path rewrites itself each step -
Remember where you stand."

It isn't easy
To reckon the way
Of the Wind:
It hides its footprints
In the clouds.

In the rustling of the leaves
God speaks
And the autumn wind believes.

Leaves scatter...
caught up in the Wind;
the Voice of Change
crackles in their dancing.

gentle fingers sift the clouds
brush the grass, and pass;
a searching soul enwraps the trees
with mysteries, and crowds
the pond with ripples...
and I, with thee, and all the world
am touched and blessed
by God's own soft and wondrous breath
of morningtide.

sunburnt leaves
pause in indecision
confused rainbow
huddling on the ground;
I watch you melt
into snapping flames
exploding patches
of kaleidoscopic sounds.

The wind steps
crackling through the brush
to find the place I sit:
"Arise, Adept,
tis Time to move -
the Web depends on it.
Your mind can ne'er
decipher this,
nor learn the reasons why.
So, be the Heir,
who will persist
as Spirit's first reply."