On a Wiccan Journey

As I walked into the woods, it seemed to be a late summer afternoon. I followed the narrow trail to a grove of tall evergreens. Within the grove was a large spring-fed pond. Nearby was a flat, greenish boulder. A silver ladle hung on a low-hanging branch, softly singing, calling my name. Lifting it gently from the branch, I walked to the pond. I dipped the ladle, filling it, and sending harmonies of ripples across the pond. I let the water cascade from the ladle onto the boulder. Sizzling, the very rock transformed into a jade Dragon, who spread her huge interdimensional wings and lifted into the cloudless sky.
"I'll be back when you're ready," She called, as she quickly wrapped the blueness of sky around her, and vanished.
"Ready for what?" I wondered.
Suddenly, I heard the Huntress blow her trumpet three times. And, as sudden, silence followed. Then, movement against bushes, saplings, and leaves sounded in my ears. Scrabblings in the earth, splashing in the water, rustlings in the air surrounded me. In my mind, I listened to a multitude of voices: congenial conversations filled with wonder and serious intent. The Huntress had called, and they were answering. Soon, I was in the midst of a grand company of curious animals. I asked if four of them would come stand in the four directions about me. I quieted my mind and closed my eyes. After a few minutes, I opened them to see who my teachers and guardians would be for this particular journey. To the west was Otter, smiling, reminding me to play as I worked toward my goal and dreams. To the north was Grandmother Badger, who has taught me so much concerning herbs and tunneling to different realms. To the east was Hawk, solemnly vigilant, whispering words of encouragement to me in this cycle of initiation. And, then, to the south was a most glorious Stag. Stag was new to me, and so he sent comforting touches to my heart and mind. Stag stepped closer, speaking to me:
"I am your Journey-friend for now. The Huntress has so requested that I accompany you."
"What will you teach me, then?" I asked, unsure of what he represented.
"I am here so you can learn to trust; so you can learn to trust me to protect you."
"I can protect myself," the Child inside me replied stubbornly.
"And you do that very well. That is not the teaching. Will you trust ME to protect YOU?" the Stag patiently asked.
"Doesn't your protecting me interfere with my learning -- dealing with whatever appears on my Path?"
"I am only here to protect you from yourself...from what you draw to you from the un-Truths that you believe out of fear. I do not protect you from your lessons."
"So," I slowly responded, "there's lots of lessons on this journey, right?"
"No; just one," he gently answered. "Trust."

... a whisper at the edge of my spirit...
Goddess of the Moon
Huntress of the Earth
Guardian of my Rune
...I feel you close...
as if to draw my Flame
through Rites of Passage
...I hear you call my Name...
:::and I am through:::
...through the mirror of my dreams...
to you
become as One
in your Circle of Sacred Power
...I am Called...
to claim the Power that is my own
to pull the Sword from out the Stone
to wear the Cloak of Healing Flame
to walk the Path that bears my Name.

Amongst the grasses and the wind
within a grove of oak and ash
dressed only in Night’s satin skin,
the Moon and I have come to dance.

Hold the sparkling softness
of the amber-centered key;
draw yourself within its aura
and release your legacy.

The Universal Tarot
: Crossroads :
Knight of Saber
Ten of Muse
Ace of Prophecy
Two of Druids...
: Celtic Cross laid across :
...Path extended...
Three of Wolfs
Four of Falcons
Queen of Truth...
: Final Outcome :
...path diverges...
Five of Cause
Six of Balance
Rook of Sacred Law...
: Querent's Choice :
Seven of Knowledge
Eight of Faith
Nine of Sacrifice
...darkness breaks...
: Querent's Cover :
King of Angels
protects the querent;
[No Pages appear...
the Risk is inherent].