Journey to the Wellspring


Looking for a comfortable and peaceful place to sleep, I ended up on the ledge beside the Wellspring that lies beneath Stone-Henge. Its quietly pulsing node of energy radiated about the room tonight in streams of pastel purple, green, and blue.
I was drowsing, while pondering what the night might offer. Merlin appeared, and asked if I were considering the shearing of my many-layered accouterments from my life of trauma survival. I sat up, and told him that I could lay down all but the original coat. I had become too comfortable and safe in it.
“You wouldn’t want me to shear it for you?” he asked.
“No. And neither can I.”
“What other option do you have?”
“I think I would allow Yeshua, perhaps, to do the shearing.”
And, immediately, in Merlin’s place, Yeshua stood, smiling gently.

“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Only if there were some way that there were no break between the shearing of the old coat and the manifesting of the new coat.” I can’t deal with not being covered most times.
“I can do that.”
And I believed him. I watched cautiously, anxiously, as he approached with a pair of shears.
“Here. I’ll show you how I do it.” And he sheared a piece of “wool” from my shoulder, and as he did that, a new coating instantly appeared, following the shearing. I was amazed, and told him that if that was how it would work, we could shear my old coat completely off, but only if the new one instantaneously would keep appearing. He assured me it would. And I believed him.
After a while, I became more engrossed in the new coating, than the loss of the old. It appeared like very short kitten fur, and silver-blue. It covered me completely, though not much on my face, or the palms of my hands or soles of my feet. It was awesome. It was clean. And Yeshua, again, had made me new. I was very happy.
But that was not the whole of it. It seemed that with this new coat, my shamanic shape-shifting abilities Inworld had also been born anew, and were even more fluid than ever. I shifted into an animal, somewhat otter, somewhat seal, and dove into the spring. I slid down paths into the spring. I swam joyously, and felt more integrated - not only within myself, but also within the Wellspring, within the healing water, the light energy, the Node of Stone-Henge, and the magical shape-shifting gift that I had. I felt born anew.