Waterfall Journey

i start off running the treetops like i do with jaguar but this is in faery realms, so this sentient creature is similar to jaguar, but green, and seems as much reptile as mammal like a cross of cat and iguana, if that makes any sense. anyway, we come to an end of the treetops and see out beyond this great huge waterfall, that drops far far far down... the curious thing is that as it drops and hits bottom, it appears to be energetically funneled so as to flow/fall directly into this hole in the earth - a big hole - with banks of dirt and rocks surrounding it... and every bit of the waterfall falling directly into it and on to i don't know where... it is a fascinating sight... obviously i want to be closer to it, so j'iguana and i wind down through the trees to the ground, and i walk over to where it disappears into the hole... like a wyrmhole,maybe... the water is iridescent and sentient and very very powerful here, knowing very much its intention to follow its mystical boundaries into the hole... and i hear a voice saying that if i try to enter at this place, it will kill me, break my body, because of the force of its current, not of course by intention, but by natural cause of the power at this point of entry. so the j'iguana and i work our way up to the top of the waterfall by way of trees and boulders and such. and i know that if i am brave i can do this. i can see no other alternative i will be happy with but following through on this endeavor. i jump into the river right before it waterfalls, lying straight out feet first trying to figure out how to place my arms for maximum benefit and finally just crossing them across me. and down i go. phoomp! into the hole... and then all becomes like liquid golden light and the water slows and fans out in a shallower sense, and i am in awe of the golden light, as it is everywhere, in everywhere, in me, as if that is all there is, only some things seem more solid so as to define like the banks or boulders along the courseway of the river... and me, too, more solid that the river of golden light... and then someone comes and gets me from the river... i am so overwhelmed, tired, i don't know, like that... and i whisper, 'are you marqi' and the answer, 'close enough'... and she drags, carries me out of the river into a nearby kind of cave next to it, and cradles me, laying me against her, holding me, and i fall into a deep sleep.