In meditation, I saw before me a golden door - shiny with etchings in squares. I knocked, and the Door opened inward. I walked in, and stairs appeared before me of translucent blues - a feel of solid liquid or air. (nothing else was visible but the Door and the stairs). I walked up the stairs, which were longer than high, about 10 steps. At the top, to the right, I saw Yeshua sitting at the edge of a translucent blue pool of water, dipping a hand gently into it, moving it slowly, creating quiet ripples. He looked at me, silently inviting me to come sit with him. And so I did. We sat together quietly interacting at some higher spiritual level. He reminded me of his words: "Knock and it shall be opened unto you." I thought to look back from where I had come, although the Door was closed. I wondered, as did he, why I would even want to return back where I had been. I knew I didn't. I knew I was at a resting Place... with my Journey calmly waiting for me, with patience born of hope, willing to share such hope with me.