The Treehouse in the Tree of Life
*The Merritt Center*

This place is another Home. Not like in the trees, but somewhat, yes. See…you can do magic here. You can be magic here. You can hear everything, and in the stillness of hearing everything, you can listen to cheerful conversations, silly play-games, busy stuff getting done (and that’s just the animals!), and lots of millions of webs in one big spiritual matrix of a home-sphere-thing. No words, you see. No words. No friction, no sparks, no land mines. See…no land mines at all – you can walk on the grass and even on the pebbles, and they all say "hi!" to the feet and toes and even me, if I listen. But, usually, I have to sit down and get closer to them, and empty out the cacophony and cobwebs all tangled together in my mind. Then, see, that makes space/ time/ invitation place for listening and dialoguing and sharing with peoples, too! It’s a good thing to happen. And I’m alive here. I am me, here. And I, as me, can do acceptable magic here. Understandable magic. Responsible magic. I can be me, here. I can be magic. That’s how you know it’s Home. Because you can do magic of the heart – not just the mind – and magic of the heart is the Truth of the Spirit… it’s from the Core of the Source… that’s what makes it possible to have smooth passage through rough waters – rather than trying to tame the rough waters, trying to change them, chain them, control them – silly human! Connect to the pure Spirit of the Source in all things, inside you – and CHOOSE a smooth journey. Yeah, like that. This place, here, gives safe harbor before weighing anchor again, and sailing onward. Ho!

The Merritt Center