The Council

Twas Sunday night... the air was clear,
crisp, and touched with stars
I stood amidst the quiet pines
and gazed within afar;
I called to Puma, as my Guide,
and centered north to see
the Elven Emerald One appear
: my Gateway to the Sidhe;
He smiled, remembering when we met
and talked of all connections,
exchanging words and wisdom bits--
like sharing small collections;
I said "Namaste"; he said "Cyrr'es",
and smiled once again...
I turned to East, and saw the sun
rising upon my friends...
weaving luminescent strands of light,
teaching me, they said:
"that none are disconnected or lost,
just woven with different thread;
look well to see what seems to be
is yet somewhere beyond:
that all is one and one is all
so none forever gone";
And to the South, the Elven scouts
rejoiced to welcome me,
reminding me to be myself
and trust the Spirit's key;
To the west, my special guest,
the Oberon of that Place,
who drew me in to so receive
a Name within his Space...
He says he'll call, on moons drawn full
requesting my Shaman skill,
or maybe just to share a feast,
and dance upon the Hill;
Four aspects of my self reflected
in each direction shown...
and in the Center, I am renewed
and by one Name now known;
Welcomed by Faery, Elves and Friends;
And joined by four Angel Guides;
The Council convened and lasted til dawn...
with the Coming of the Light.