Spiritual Symbiosis:

An Essay on Autism, Telepathy,
and Facilitated Communication

The specific problem I am finally beginning to see is the empirical definition and methodology behind the term "telepathy" and "telepathic communication"... especially as it refers to the dynamics between a person with autism and his/her facilitator. The Powers-that-be (PTB) find it easy to dismiss the concept using a framework that is as archaic as the sliderule, and as implausible as using Elmo to discuss Einstein's Theory of Relativity. We use the term "telepathy" because that's the closest term we have in our human lexicon to understand the phenomenology of this symbiotic communication.
The person with autism accesses this "world", this "plane of existence" through someone who is OF this world. A person with autism is so connected with the spiritual essence, with All that Is, that to focus enough into this world to interact takes far too much energy and shifts them away from the loving Light that nourishes them (and us all). So they look for a "facilitator". Someone who will allow themselves to be used as a lens to see into this world, to interact within this world, to at least be IN this world. Of course, much of the manner of their communication will reflect the facilitator's perspective of the world. But this is moderated by the autist's understanding of the spiritual Oneness of all Creation. This is an intelligence that cannot be determined by manmade empirically-based world-marketed tests. They, those people with autism, are not OF this world. Only in it, a tiny flame, as voxIris put it, in the hand of the facilitator... and also the other way around.
Because access is made through this very special person of a facilitator, then what is known by the facilitator is known to the autist. What the autist knows, that the facilitator and many others appear not to, is that with Spirit inherently within All, then Spirit is within both autist and facilitator, and all that is known is accessible, if not comprehensible. (This is why many facilitators have trouble believing the fc written word of their child because they have no understanding, no perceived knowledge, of certain things). But the autist, through the facilitator, is limited - in a purely academic sense - to what the facilitator communicates (telepathically) is important for interacting in this very human world. The autist sees what the facilitator sees; feels what he/she feels; responds to what is related as being important for success, achievement, etc., in this very human world. So, in all tests for "telepathic communication", the testing is set-up in a paradigm which cannot - ever - measure this phenomen between facilitator and autist. It is unmeasurable. It is spiritual. It is beyond Western cognitive and empirical methodology. What it appears to be is so labeled... but it is so far beyond that as to be unexplainable except for those of us who are in tune with Spirit and mysticism.
I think it would be frustrating for an autist to try to answer a multiple choice test in English, when all he/she knows is Aramaic, for example. And even that keeps this discussion in simple terms that are nowhere near the level of profundity and depth and spiritual Knowing that is really at the core of this issue. However, in that sense, if the autist has a facilitator who is fluent in English, then the test becomes easy. It is not the knowing of English or the answers that comes to the autist. It is the ability to access what the test requires and then giving that. This is so much beyond me, as well. And I only share this as my humble understanding of what might be an answer to this very complex situation.
If one seeks to understand the spiritual symbiotic relationship between facilitator and the person with autism, it must be in terms that (1) recognize the reality and Truth of such a relationship; (2) respect that Truth; (3) work from that recognition and respect to thereby create a comprehensible "book" for those who do not understand it; and (4) seek to find those in position of power who can provide support systems for those involved in this work.
I guess my bottom line is that "telepathy" is a term that is laden with emotional and psychological baggage that do not truly reflect the symbiotic communication taking place. The actual experience occurring is not one that can be analyzed by current scientific, or even basic cognitive, methodology and understanding. Ah, what silly humans we be... trying to understand the Spirit with playing cards.