SweatLodge Poems

Lady Amber Fire Dragon,
thank you for your Presence,
thank you for your fierce Protection
and your sacred Essence;
Welcome to our humble Lodging
on this so mystic evening –
Welcome to this group of women
who sing of hope receiving.

Tis a Weaving Rite connecting deeper
the sacred bonds ‘tween Keep and Keeper
reweaving what was seen as torn –
that I – in Spirit – can be reborn.

Listen to it in the air:
the fire crick-crick-crackling…
an ancient woman’s cackling –
the Crone is here…

Tears released upon the Stones
released the Stones’ own fire…
and I’m released to find myself,
and so, my heart’s desire.

Now purified through sea and flame,
I stand transformed, renewed, reclaimed;
the person who had come this Way
is not the One who walked away;
my heart is singing Joy and Light…
a Beacon for my darkest Night –
and all I am is warmed clear through
in Spirit’s cloak of Dreams-come-true.

Salamander kept Herself
between the Fire and me,
and wove her Power into mine,
as if a Tapestry
of ancient mystic magic Threads
(once forged in Bridget’s Fires)
were made just for this moonless night
when I would be called higher.

Talk to the Rocks
and ask for permission
to share in their Power
as part of our Vision –
to draw from the water
a baptizing kiss
that touches my body
in spiritual Myst.

unlocked the Door
between my heart and mind
and quietly
the Stones and me
together were entwined;
our song was sung
like we were One,
and yet somewhat more bonded;
the fifty-four
and me (what’s more!)
stepped through the Door… and beyond it.

“The Ceremony,”
said the Stones,
“releases us as well;
and – purified –
we find inside
the Place where Spirit dwells.”

Earthmother cupped her hands and knelt
upon this sacred Place
and held the trees and stones and fire
in tender loving Grace;
Then gently She released to me
each Stone that She had warmed
to so transfer Her Sacredness
to those who were reborn.

Earthmother breathed
her Myst in me
and I inhaled her Gift;
and now Her
sacred Mystery
has caused my Life to shift.

Sacred the Fire within the Stone
Sacred the Fire within my Own
Original Spark rekindles my Flame
… though I am myself, I am not the same.

Earth to Stone to Fire to Myst
…a transformation reflecting this…
and wrapped around the depths of me
Spirit re-weaves my Tapestry.

Such clarity can now reveal
the Path within the Dark…
for my own heart is now unsealed
to blaze with Spirit’s Spark;
such bravery can now inspire
this woman’s right to be…
For all my fears have fed the fire
and I have been set free.

The Rocks are thankful for this Chance
to be a partner in this Dance
to share what Gift was theirs to hold
when Spirit breathed upon their souls.

I am a Bridge across this Space
from silicon to carbon-based
from fire to the sandy earth
I guide each soul to their re-birth.

Magic in the Blessing
Magic in the Rite
Magic in the Fire
Magic in the Night
Touch the Inner Woman
Touch the Inner Child
Touch the Warmth of Home
Touch the Forest Wild
Spirit in the Sweatlodge
Spirit in the Stones
Spirit in the Chanting
Spirit in our Bones
Breathe the Healing Myst
Breathe the Deep Belonging
Breathe the Chant’s Release
Breathe the Soul’s Own Longing.