Stephen Ministry Poems

I can walk with you through alleyways,
and sleep beneath the stars;
I can walk with you past pain and hurt,
for I still hold their scars;
I can walk with you down lonely roads,
for I have been that far;
I can walk with you all the way to Heaven,
for I know who we are.

"Here," the Angel says,
"wait patiently on the day;
for all that comes --
all that the Spirit wills -
flows as the river,
neither tarrying
nor hurrying without pause;
neither moving
one pebble without cause;
wait, sit here -
share this cup of tea...
and in this joyful stillness,
God will call
and answer Thee."

We've all done the best we can
With what we've learned and understand;
We've all lived the best we know
With what we're given here below;
We've all loved the best we could -
No matter how we felt we "should";
And who we are is quite enough
Even though the Stone's still rough;
We do our best with what we're given -
And leave the polishing up to Heaven.

All souls are equal in design
The difference set by need
What learning hasn't been attained
The circumstance will feed:
To learn that eyes deceive the most
Seeing color, beauty, strength
And never once to glimpse the soul,
And see the truth within;
To learn that senses tend to steer
Along the shallow shores
Avoiding depths they tend to fear
And seeking nothing more;
To learn that life is what you seek
And love - all that you are -
All yours to be, deny, or curse
All yours to heal or scar.

Like the sun
Has no coming
And no going
But rather
An eternalness
And warmingness
Gently touched
And smiled upon
By God.

You are unique
You are important
You are a gift of God:
To me
To yourself
To others...
We each are...
And that's what's beautiful.

In my darkness, He beckons me -
Like a back-door lantern on a stormy night;
In my weakness, He carries me -
Like the gentle wind of morning's first light;
In my poorness, He heals me -
Like a springtime rain on my fevered heart;
In my gladness, He sings with me -
Like a chord resolving my minor part.

You are already
in the palm of Godís hand;
you are just not aware of it.

Make right your heart,
and become like the rain.

"If you invite me in,
then I shall respond;
for I was already there,
but was not in your awareness."

Yes, there is always a choice -
but it is veiled in depths
of unacknowledged, unknown fear,
so that the conscious mind of the Self
does not recognize the existence of choice in its heart,
and cries.

You are never lost. You are Here.
You believe you are lost because
you believe you should be somewhere else. are Here.
Enter then into the present of this Place
like a centered and grounded stranger -
confident, open, and at peace.

Let the peace of sunrise
illuminate your mind;
hear the Peace within you
answer every "why?"...
In its filling quietness
accept what you would choose;
and in its glowing splendor,
see the God that is in you.

As you accept yourself,
so shall your limits be;
nothing can keep you blinder,
than "knowing" you cannot see;
nothing can keep you sadder,
than feeling you must live lies;
and nothing can keep you more confused,
than thinking in compromise.

The ocean is quiet beneath my wings,
bringing me back to shore;
the joy of living softly sings,
as it never has before;
I remember quite well my visit with you,
as the clouds seemed to never end;
and now I fly alone and true -
touched by your sunlight, my friend.

The walls fade away,
as your wandering thoughts
reach out beyond them,
seeking another place and time,
seeking to belong
to become
to discover
the Peace lying within your soul.