Eagle-feather Child

The clouds have sent the stars away
-- the moon is but a glow --
The wind wraps darkness 'round the cliffs,
and breathes into my soul;
I stand upon the Eagles' Rock
--at one with all the night --
its cool soft voice cuts through my fears,
and clears my Inner Sight.

I carry Thunder in my pouch
and Lightning in my eyes;
My hands weave worlds of light and dark,
and calm the stormy skies;
I stand upon the Mesa top -
my heart, the Earth's own drum -
And as the beat grows strong and sure,
I know I am the One.

There are times
when I have dared the Lightning,
Standing still upon the Eagle’s rock;
And there are times,
when seeking Higher Power,
I have learned to take a wiser Walk.

Behold the key in “kiva”,
and listen, if you can
to hear the Ancient secret
that reveals the Higher Land.

Sandstone echoes weave the sunlight
into a Ancient tapestry...
Who calls me here?
and where is laid the Path
of my own Destiny?

Painted patterns in the sand,
spiral etchings laid by hand,
draw me to the Ancient land
...I hear a Shaman call...
Distant rattles call my name,
Mystic drummings draw my flame,
I know I cannot be the same
...I must release it all...

rises from the canyon,
shares its power with the moon;
through the pinyons
the Wolf weaves calmly
the night as his cocoon.

The hawk flies to the mesa...
she knows the home she seeks
she listens to the Wind's song
and believes the Truth it speaks...
Touch me; take me with you -
it's mine to make the choice;
it's mine to see your vision;
it's mine to hear your voice.

Nightwind comes now
on tip-toe feet,
whiskers whispering
across my hands and face,
less than a shadow
moving with the moon...
Nightwind comes now,
what does it seek?

See, here,
how the Earth
cups her hands
and holds the River;
She brings a Stillness
and a Deepness
to the River's wandering soul.

I watch the Sun
gather in his children,
'til darkness prowls untouched
and the moon
sings through the canyon.