SRA and Demons

During the Good Friday service of 2004, I was given a different perception of demons. I had seen them as a child, participant/victim in satanic ritual abuse scenarios. I had always feared demons and Satan in particular... once you see such entities, you never ever forget. The lesson I was given, today, was that neither demons not Satan had the ability or freedom to harm, destroy, or create. They could only tempt, cajole, threaten, or otherwise use words and gestures in an attempt to get Humans to do the "dirty work". Unfortunately, many of those people listened, for various reasons, one of which -ironically- was to rid the person of demons. All the dark angels had a really good laugh at that. But what was so very important to me was learning that they could not harm or destroy me, in and of themselves. I began to perceive their role in a much Deeper Light.