The Rock and The Turtle

Once upon a sunny rock,
where in a wandering stream it stayed,
a turtle chanced to come across
and rest itself, or so they say.
The rock, of course, paid little mind
to turtles and their transient ways,
but something made him think a bit,
for this one seemed to have lost his way.
The rock tried hard to give its heat,
and fill the turtle's chilly mind,
and so he thought from noon to dusk -
and even into starlight time.
He wasn't sure, that little rock,
if anything he'd done was right,
but still he kept his warm thoughts strong
until he felt the morning light.
And then when all his thoughts seemed gone
(for rocks aren't known for thinking much),
he felt the turtle shake his head,
and move his feet and start to budge.
The turtle left, without a word...
and yet, they say, each night
the turtle crawls upon the rock,
and sings a lullaby.