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Rat-boy's Letter

in its damp and chilly cloak enwraps my thoughts
like the manacles on my wrists
Rat! ah, you shall only frighten me once
we should be friends
i am as captive in your presence as you are within these walls
hungrily demanding your food to appear
i'll grant you what i have for your company
time is gone
sun and moon mere memories of some lost art
the eternity of my thoughts enveloping me
as i seek it to preserve my sanity
and you, rat, never bound by time's own chains
can you teach me the way?
before...what was lost
beyond hope of being found by their blinded eyes
and i, fool enough to try and heal them, am insane
yes, perhaps it is best not to be classed with their "normal"
it has saved me from a prison worse than this one much worse...
i cannot wish them worse than they are
i am sad they cannot see...or feel...or love
frustrated...yanking at the impregnated chains
useless within their grasp,
i am trapped.