From Puma Guide,
I learned to be
a Puma deep
inside of me;
in peaceful state
and casual stride,
I find the Way
beyond my pride.

Yesterday and today, something very different happened with me. I was Outworld, at work, and walking through the hallway, when I realized that I was walking as both human and puma. I slowed my pace, to harmonize with the "puma" pace, and tapped into that "part" of me. I am not scared of this, but curious. This is nothing I have experienced yet... especially Outworld. I try to keep my awareness in this place when it's not interfering with work or such, but I'm not sure exactly what that means in my shamanic growth. I mean, perhaps it seems obvious... but this is new territory and I was hoping to get feedback and insight from you, if possible. I feel comfortable as both, but I'm thinking maybe there's something else here for me to learn.

A reply from my Shaman Mentor:
"Dear Dev, Hmmmm.............. how interesting. I have had this sort of thing happen sometimes. You know that just as we may shapeshift into an animal or tree, and animal or tree may shapeshift into us. So, did cougar shift into Dev or did Dev shift into cougar. If cougar shifted into Dev maybe she/he just wanted to walk in Dev's shoes for a little while. If the other way, maybe you needed to learn that side is always near, whether we are aware of it or not. Enjoy the journey, and keep me posted."

Puma Call