Plains Indians

Grass dancer:

I step...
and weave...
and quietly pass...
like summer wind
through prairie grass;
I dance the hunt,
dressed as the wheat,
and let the drums
talk to my feet.

The Dance begins...
and I become
the dance
the song
the hoop
the drum.

Some other place
some other time
the drums have sent my bones -
I hear the ancient war cry,
and answer with my own;
I feel no one beside me
--the drums and I are one--
the Dance ignites my passion
--My blood burns as the Sun.

Spiral into the smoke,
what Vision do you see,
what prophecy calls the Wind
to weave with your destiny?
Spiral into the smoke,
the drums will mark your trail;
Dance til you are the Vision,
and know you cannot fail.

distant urgent beat-
a few ears turn,
a few mouths speak:
"It's not on our list
of accepted calls -
it isn't registered,
after all.."
a distant, urgent Gift
"The Turtle wakens -
Dance to the Shift;
tis Wakan come
to share His meat..."
but only children
hear His beat.

Giveaway to Nancy Red Cloud
Lakota drums are calling
Like buffalo on the plains
Drumbeat of the Earth heart
In South Dakota rains;
My feet move to the chanting
My feathers make me fly
My heart leaps to be dancing
Neath the South Dakota sky...
......Lakota drums
......Lakota drums
......My heart is in your Song:
......A Sacred beat
......That calls my feet
......Back where they belong.
Lakota drums are calling
Like thunder in the hills
And though I must be leaving,
My soul is dancing still;
No matter where I journey
My heart and feet remain
Within the Dancing Circle
Til I come home again.