Phoenix Friend

As I returned to my Elfhome after a fantastic Journey with the Stone People, I fell exhausted onto my bed. Then I heard someone call my Elf name. Unusual, because generally it's either "Lady" or "Elc'yrr" now. So I turned over, and there - on a branch that reached into my Home - was a white Phoenix, or White Fire Quetzal, or something of that nature. It glowed beautifully in the darkness, sending off waves of warmth and strength and Depth. Then it called my Name, again. I calmed down, and Listened. It said that it was to be my Journey Companion from now on. It said its Name was Kyri-ak... or something akin to that. I thanked it, and - in its glorious Presence - was able to rest, and sleep some.

Journey to the Stone People