A Pause in the Breath of Creation

The dark night of the soul is the pause in the breath of Creation, and during that pause, the Void touches us with what seems like overwhelming darkness. But this is rather a time for Stillness... preparing us for the next cycle... whether it is planting or reaping... The dark matter present in the Pause is an important Journey in and of itself... such a Realm! Filled with dark songs, dark beams of iridescent violet light, dark emeralds and entities with fascinating tales and brews around warm fires at a very intriguing Inn... and not dark in the negative sense. Oh no... just dark as in the sense of that Pause in Creation's Breath. In the pause, we are given time to catch up with our experiences... incorporate, assimilate, and integrate. It is a time of preparation... to get your bags packed for the next Breath of opportunity to fill your sails.