Journey to Higher Ground

Journey to Higher Ground


As I was checking progress with my runes and cards, I looked down also to analyze my Path ahead. Seeing Paths directly in front of people is a gift of mine. I saw that I was at the edge of my current Path. I was standing on the last stone, as if on a mosaic tile. What lay before me was open space… and an incredibly deep Chasm… deep as if there might be a bottom, but – truth be known – I couldn’t say for certain that it had a bottom at all. Sometimes, when the Path has come to this kind of nexus, I feel the “pull” to step out onto the air, trusting that the next piece of the Path will manifest beneath my feet, as it has done many times. However, I didn’t “feel” that sense of invisible Path, at all. And I couldn’t see the Path fractaling off in any direction, either. I was perplexed.

Later that evening, as I lay on my bed, quieting myself for sleep, I looked again at the Path before me. Nothing. Still the same. Then, I was given a “hint” to look up. That was when I saw another ledge with a Path going onward, but it was easily 10-15 feet higher than I, and about half that much farther away forward from where I was standing.

As soon as I discerned the upper Path, however, a ladder dropped down before me. It was made of golden luminous threads, which rippled quietly as if dancing with sentience. The difficulty was that, although I could reach out and grasp the ladder with my hands, it didn’t extend down far enough for me to put my feet on any rung. I would have to grab onto a rung and then try to pull myself up. Knowing quite well that I could not do that physically (from a mundane point of view), I knew this was another test of faith. So I grasped the ladder with both hands, and left the ledge.

As soon as I had done that, the ladder extended itself further so I could manage wrapping my legs and feet around a lower rung. Slowly I began to inch my way up, but my exhaustion quickly began to fog my brain and freeze my limbs. I focused intently on just moving one foot or hand at a time, not thinking or feeling anything else. Gradually I neared the top of the ladder.

Then I felt strong hands grabbing mine and pulling me up over the ledge. When I looked to see who it was, I was incredibly surprised to realize it was my Higher Self. I had never encountered (in a physical sense) my Higher Self, but I knew from the energy that this person was indeed my Spiritual Resonance.

We ended up walking a narrow Path of packed mud, surrounded by intense green foliage and trees that canopied over us. We wandered for a while, when suddenly the greenness stepped back, and the Path opened onto a vast beach holding a blue-gray ocean. I remembered then that I had walked on a similar Path when visiting the Oregon coast a few weeks back. This was almost identical, if not. We stayed there and soaked up the quiet energy of sun, sand, and sea, weaving their patience and wisdom deep inside my own web.

Later, we went back upon the Green Path, and then branched off in a northerly direction. Soon I could see a large building ahead through the trees, as it was nighttime now, and all the windows and doorways were filled with brilliant light. She had brought me to the Inn… and it was waiting, welcoming, with a warm fire blazing, and tea freshly brewed.