Myst-taken Identity

Where am I going?
I am going to find myself…
A constellation
whose pattern
I have yet to discern
whose meaning
I have yet to fathom --
as if the depths of space
were but a reflection
of my soul,
and the stars
its God-set boundary.

I must go to my Center
…to the Sacred Sphere
of the Henge…
release my ties to it,
and stand upon the Web
I must go to my Center
…and step through it.

Dimensions shift…
quietly, imperceptibly:
a change in the Ocean’s breathing,
a sun-shadowing of Cirrus touch,
a quickening of the Earthmother’s pulse;
and so, within me
…in the deep Stillness…
I feel Her take my hand:
it’s time to go.

I step beyond
my mortal thoughts
into the Void
of Sacred Ways
into the Core
of Sacred Truth
caught in the Web
of Spirit’s Hand
…I stand amazed –
And know I am.

I am the Center
and the Light;
I am the Stillness
and the Night;
I am the Ocean
and the Pond;
I am the Chalice
and the Wand.

so that Stillness
is all you are…
Nothing exists
but the Stillness…
Become it:
that the Force
that draws through you
empowers you;
And still,
nothing exists
because you are that Force:
And you are the Web,
And you are
And Healer…

Azure-bright, the Fibers glow,
where’er I look, where’er I go –
and every nexus sings so clear
the music of the Sacred Sphere;
I am the Fool who walks the Web,
and knows Her every gentle breath,
and seeks to keep Her precious Soul
in balance, healed, and unalone.

Every touch
every thought
every action
is a tremble on the Web…
not easy
to walk
upon the Sacred Thread.

I hold no great secrets --
I am what you know:
an illusion of limits,
a uniqueness of soul…
I hold no great power –
I am what you see:
a fingerprint glimpse
of the Great Mystery.

It is my Walk,
I am that Way:
a Spark that lends itself
to lighten unused Corridors,
a Thread that weaves itself
to bridge forgotten Lands –
to force the Dark
to show its Hand;
It is my Walk,
I am that Way:
a point of Light that balances
the blade and hilt of Life,
a depot of healing Elixirs
to all who trust my Hands –
to balance Dark
and make my Stand;
It is my Walk,
I am that Way.

Come to Stillness
to receive
a message that
the Old Ones weave
of heroines and destiny
of miracles and prophecy
all drawn upon the Tapestry
they call for you to read:
you, the fiery seed;
you, the Earth’s own need;
you, who drink the Sacred Mead
and choose the Legacy…
Come to Stillness
to receive
the crown
the Old Ones offer thee.

In communion with the Earth,
I so become --
to hear Her voice
and feel Her soul as One:
Come, Visions of the Truth
in Firesong…
that Life commune with me,
and I belong.

I am at once,
the center and the whole;
I am at once,
the aura and the soul;
I am at once,
the flower and the seed;
I am at once,
the gift, the wish, the need.

Water spiraling down
from upraised palms
to muddy toes;
an intimate exchange
of Rain and Shamaness
of Earth and Wind’s breath
of a sheltered Crow;
We are One –
We are the Dance:
Dance on!
There is nothing more.

The Path winds ever deeper
within the Forest’s domain
till the Light is but reflection,
and I am my only flame;
a scarcely-traveled trail of leaves
greets my ever-cautious eyes
and joins my quiet singing
with percussionist replies;
but soon, by gentle blending,
the Path and Forest meld –
and I walk on, depending
on Visions I have held.

Though I am Nothing,
and yet All –
the Mother’s core,
and yet the hollow sluice;
though I am an Echo,
and yet the Call –
still do I sing
of my Coyote truth.

I am of Space
of Time
of Sight;
I am of Faith
of Love
of Light;
I am of Stone
of Rain
of Tree;
I am my Own
and yet
of Thee.

“Use the willow-key,
to weave a Bridge
where Worlds connect:
to bring back joy
to those who wept,
to lead, and find,
where Love is kept,
to balance Light
with Dark aspect,
and re-anoint
the True Elect.”

One Crow
two Crow
call my Name;
three Crows
Ice and Flame;
and Ocean
cross my Trail:
tidal Runes
of Horn
and Grail…
One Star
two Star
give me Sight;
three Stars
the Gate of Light;
and Heaven
weave the Plan:
the Way I am.

the Earthmother
her shamanic Mask
in golds and roses
in ashes and mosses;
the Earthmother
her sacred Song
deep intonations
soft incantations;
the Earthmother
about her Fire
the Pilgrim to enter
her mystic Center;

A Vision of the mystic Grail
manifested on the ground,
while facing East to greet the Sun
I sat within my Round,
and watched the Grail be filled somehow
with water, pure and clear:
and then, as sunrise touched the Earth,
the whole thing disappeared.

…and in the Myst,
a Curtain moves,
as if a gentle breeze
or yet,
a careful breath –
had touched its Silk,
and so revealed
a Presence
a Knowing Essence
who chanced
to see me, too…
…Honor, Spirit-one.

Here, beneath my feet,
an interdimensional
fractal-patterned Path
…no constricts
on Time
or Space
or Mortal thought…
paved with colors
reaching far beyond
my tiny spectrum;
here I am, then…
in the Nexus
of the Heart and Life lines
on the palm
of the Spirit’s hand.

Grok, the Raven,
calls me to the Place
that holds the Magic
my Spirit can embrace;
Scree, the Hawk,
reminds me of my Quest
that needs right action
and sacred thoughtfulness.

The Path diverges in the Wood,
though neither way is bad or good:
one calls the heart in whispered chant
of Stars, and Fey, and Hierophant;
the other speaks of what could be
for those not bound by destiny…
So sniff the air and taste the dust,
and choose the Path that’s best for us.

I lie upon the grassy hill
while all the Earth is warm and still
and watch the Stars in mystic dance
reveal the Signs aligned by Chance;
and so, connected by my Weave,
the Gate is formed – and by Her leave –
the tumblers all fall into place,
and draw me to Her sacred Space.

Old Crone-turtle
sits in the sun
upon an ancient Stone,
wearing a shawl
of mossy lace,
calling to her Own:
an ancient voice
of vibrant Light
resounds through kindred souls…
and I am drawn
within her Space
to be as was foretold.

I draw my hands across the Web:
a mystic Harp
whose sacred tones
reach deep within me
deeper and deeper
through the Veil
to the stars
of my Center;
my hands play the Web:
a Celtic harp
whose mythic song
touches my Visions
deeper and deeper
drawing their truth out
like moonrise
on the ocean;
and I become the Harp, the Song, the Web:
a Melody
of mystery,
weaving blessings
deeper and deeper
within all Creation
as I walk this Path
of Harmony.

Conjunction of three
Two become one
Water begets fire
The Prism re-strung
Song of the Crystal
Sword of the Stone
Cup of His making
Mother, Child, Crone
Star of the East
Fifth-world restored
Oberon’s triumvirate
Legends’ reward
Flute of the Ancient
Ring of the Sun
Key to all Portals
Password to One.

Wyrdyn blood
Ring of fire
Skein of Light, rewoven
Changeling elf
Rainbow flyer
The East Gate is now open
Sacred round
Ancient portals
Path connecting here
Concealed ark
Assembled chosen
Of all Realms and Spheres
Circle closed
Wishsong shared
Web of life awakened
Hearts connected
Vortex tuned
The Quantum Leap is taken.