In the Cloak of an Adept

Here, now, the Vision manifests…
still shimmering in its birth –
Here, now, the Woman of my Quest…
the Daughter of the Earth;
At last the Image is transformed…
my trust in healing hands –
the Woman from the Child is born…
my Self unfolds as planned;
This sip of Truth reveals the Grail…
as Threads design the Weave –
this step of Faith reveals the Trail…
I am alive! I breathe.

Often, when I pause
and realize myself
in the Peace between
one breath and the next,
I can touch Stillness
and inhale its elixir…
I can taste Beauty
and weave it into my steps.

Violet-blue ribbons of evening clouds
wrap the sun in transmutation…
weaving a cocoon
from which flies the Moon
for Midwinter’s celebration.

Closer now, I see the Dream
as pieces of my Self…
like rain caught in a strobe-light
becomes quite something else;
no more or less, and yet it seems
the Whole is but a Dance,
that so reveals its Pattern
when Stillness holds my hands.
Just a shift, and I am there:
a place between the earth and air –
a place between the sea and fire –
a place that’s deeper, fuller, higher;
Stillness flows – like as the Breath
of Spirit through the vastest Web –
where neither wall nor floor exist,
where I am more than part of this;
I breathe this Breath as if to live –
surrender all I have to give –
Breathe the Breath and so become
a mystic tune that I can hum
inside my heart, inside the Flame
of God, or Spirit – one and same;
I lose all Word, til nothing else
remains, except my first-born self.

I cannot hasten Truth,
nor keep it long at bay…
It sings within each breath
and rises with the day;
I cannot hold my breath,
nor give it up to die…
It sings within the Truth –
and so, therefore, must I.

My small flame listens intently
to the Voice within itself:
“By your own thought, you’re different,
yet the same as everything else…
the Paradox deceives you
and so you believe the Lie –
and, wrapped in burning embers,
you think that you must die…
but, Truth be known, remember
your Oneness with the Fire:
You, too, are non-consuming
when you cease to fear the pyre.”

Come now into the Presence
Breathe now the sacred Essence
Know now the Truth revealing
Heal now what chooses healing.

‘Healing’ becomes a new Word to me,
revealing itself to be more
than what my cognition expects to see
when using its ancient Lore…
I find I am so inexperienced here
with something I thought that I knew,
but the more I learn, the more I fear
that I’ve lost what’s really true…
‘Healing’ is really a choice to embrace
a Call from Creation’s Source –
a Call to shift to a better Place,
to sail a more peaceful Course…
and I can no more draw such to be
than I can design the night…
I can only, in prayer, weave a Sacristy
for the Presence of Spirit’s Light.

No more maps designed by others –
no more books or rules…
Where I walk there’s no known Pathwork –
no known theories, thoughts, or schools…
I must trust my Self to journey
where my Light and Faith belong…
I must trust to Spirit’s guidance,
as I learn my Soul’s own Song.

Touch the rainbow –
Watch it shimmer,
as if a Veil of mystic Tide
calls your Spirit
to remember:
You are yourself on either side.

‘Let go the circumstance!’ – and yet,
there are some things I can’t forget
that pierced so deep, so far beyond
the lines my mortal mind has drawn…
It does not matter who it was,
or even if they had just cause;
nor do I care what Time or Land,
but only how to understand
the Way I might transform this Fear –
to not be ruled by what’s not here…
the Way to shift my Knowing back
upon my Journey’s destined Track –
the Way I can reclaim my Own:
regain the Path that leads me Home–
I seek to change enough to see
the Light within the Dark of me.

Forget the Path, and trust the Ground –
it sings, you know, a gentle sound;
it holds you close in sacred Bond
so you won’t fall too far beyond;
It walks with you and hums a tune,
protecting you beneath the Moon;
it beckons you to run and play,
and have some fun along the Way.

In the Darkness,
Light sings a lullaby,
wanders by a dream,
kisses me ‘good-night’;
In the Darkness,
Light plays with melodies,
dances in my mind,
rocks me to sleep.

No rhyme or reason
this autumn season
for my own Path’s direction;
such odd designing
defies aligning
my thoughts with true perception…
In Spirit’s Calling,
I stumble – falling –
and discover my stubborn ways
disrupt my breathing
and keep me believing
I’m stuck within this Maze.

I walk along a quiet beach
…light and darkness, one…
I walk along a quiet beach
…new moon, new tide, re-spun…
Upon a path, tween earth and sky
…soft sand beneath my feet…
Upon a path, tween sea and sky,
I’m song and singer, free –
I harmonize with surf and wind
…a Gateway now revealed…
I dance among the moon and stars
…my Spirit newly healed.

Gila to Healing
Raging to Feeling
Transition revealing
the Changes to be…
Coyote bows, facing
the Wolf, who is gracing
a new Self, embracing
the Truth which is me.

Angel wings,
like diaphanous weavings
of gentle warmth and light,
brush the air nearby
where I am lying;
New moon sings,
in joyous voice retrieving
balance with the night:
Spring’s reply
to Winter’s soft ‘good-bying’.

step across the Gap
from winter into spring
between the earthen breaths
of life’s awakening;
step through the veil
between what was and here
between the soft refrains
of sunrise breakening.

In the Deepness
Still and flowing
Breathe the deepest Peace…
In the Recess
Light and glowing,
Wrap me in Your Fleece.

Wolves calling,
drawing down the Moon;
Snow falling,
veiling winter’s Bloom;
Earth humming,
weaving a new Song;
Hawk coming,
bringing me along.

Wolves run with me,
Around me,
Surround me,
And ground me to the Trail;
Wolves run with me,
Protect me,
Reflect me,
Connect me to the Veil;
Wolves run with me,
Befriend me,
Defend me,
Attend me day and night;
Wolves run with me,
Exhort me,
Escort me,
Transport me through the Light.

Step through the Gateway, and see,
upon the Path you choose,
another Gateway awaits thee,
leaving mystic clues;
A Call to separate, and be
much more yourself –
to shed, discard, and leave
the tracings of all else;
Let go resistance now, and flow
upon the Spirit’s stream –
Let go more deeply than you know –
Let go the Dream;
Stand now within the Void in here
… the midst of mystic Myst…
Watch and listen, in this Sphere,
where Truth alone exists.

Wolf calls
from the High Places –
from the High Places,
Wolf comes

Here, then, the Change…
Sing to bring transition…
Breathe to deep attain
convergence of the Vision;
Rest in the Myst
in sacred re-aligning –
Truth will insist
on nothing less than dying;
Here, then, the Call…
a Message of Revealing,
beneath ego’s Shawl,
the Focus of your Healing;
Such transmutation
leaves no trace remaining,
but brings re-Creation
and your sacred Naming;
Here, then, the Light,
unfolding in your presence,
weaves – as is right –
its Song within your Essence;
Stand in this Place…
Become the Truth which bore you;
Hold peace with grace –
Begin the Path before you.

in the Vision,
to the Song
that dances within
your mystic strands –
Grandmother’s hands
are deftly weaving
all of you
into Her Dreaming
of the Time to come.

The Airplane What if it falls –
and then, Time stalls,
enough for Spirit’s breath
to reach beyond
the Veil drawn
between my Life and Death –
and through the Myst,
She grabs my wrist,
to take me from that Road,
and – in Her Light –
restores my Sight
so I might thus behold
a Vision of
such sacred Love,
which holds me quite secure
to know myself
… beyond all else…
as truly part of Her.

I walk within the Veil
…no more traversing through…
no more the one side or the other –
I walk the Veil true;
And so, about me, Light
…in soft fluorescent tones…
surrounds me in its Harmony,
and gently leads me Home.

Finally, now, the Tumbler falls:
one end and one beginning;
Here, another Trail calls –
the Weaver’s card is spinning;
Hold on as surely as you can:
the Path is steep and churning;
hold Truth securely in your hand –
Tomorrow is returning.

Understand that who you are
is part of all the Shifting…
and now that you have found your Star,
be gracious in your Gifting;
Walk grounded in the knowledge of
the Truth within your Soul;
be generous with your Light and Love –
stay centered in the Whole.

Breathe deep to match
the breathing of the Veil;
Breathe deep and slow
before you leave the Trail;
What you will know,
cannot be known beyond;
What you will see,
cannot be shown or drawn;
The Path unfolds,
according to your heart;
Let Lightness come,
and fill you from the start;
Release your hold
on all that limits you;
Release your grip,
and fall into your Truth.

I am the Call,
that echoes off the cliffs…
and I must fall,
and spread my wings, as if
I knew myself
to have them, so to fly…
and nothing else
could matter but the sky.

On and on, I discover
my cognition perceives the mirage
as real, when real is ever
one step beyond my thoughts.

I am a Flame in the Fire of Spirit –
not separate, and never alone…
as totally One as my mind will allow it:
a self-scripted indigo koan.

Bright the sun upon the land,
covered with winter’s snow –
Bright its reflection in my eyes,
though shielded from its glow;
The sky is dyed a turquoise-blue
with nare a cloud in sight –
the breeze is still, and nothing moves:
the snowy ground is quiet;
The wolves and I just walk along,
enjoying this peaceful day –
The Path is true and clearly drawn
tween worlds of Man and Fey;
I still my mind, and rest my heart,
while breathing slow and deep –
Tis several days and many miles
to the Gate of the Forest-Keep.

I am a Flame –
and flow in Stillness
on Spirit’s mystic Hand…
within the Fire
of Spirit’s Being:
I am because I am.

Golden sparklies dance in the air –
as if in a sunbeam, as if light were there;
and yet, in this darkness, is Light manifest –
to reveal a new Trail, to begin my new Quest.

I pour the sacred Stillness
into my heart’s own bowl,
and drink of its Elixir
until my Self is whole.

Journeying deep
Into the dark alleys of a darker night,
The only light
Is that within my heart;
Eyes cannot weep,
Having wept so long there is no sight,
But what shines right
Before them in the dark;
Hearts cannot feel,
Having felt the blade of hurt and hate
That separates
Them from the Truth;
Minds cannot steal
Their thoughts from death and endless dying –
A soul-deep sighing
Within a desperate Youth;
Mouths cannot speak –
No words remain alive… no more than they –
No more than day
Can rise to touch the sun;
Journeying deep
Into the dark longings of this darker time –
I read the Sign,
And know what must be done.
* * *
(to my Hopi Goth 13-year-old friend)

Run with the Wild Wind
The High Wind
The Sky Wind
Run o’er the Highlands
With the White Horse;
Run in the Daylight
The Graylight
The Fae-light
Run through the Mage-light
On Destiny’s Course.