Musings of a Welsh Shepherdess

I am a Shepherd.
I have no want.

I am the green pastures,
inviting rest and renewal.
I am the still water,
teaching trust and acceptance.
I am restored with love.
I am a Path of righteousness,
for Spirit's sake.

Though sometimes I am
the valley of the shadows of death,
I hold no evil,
for Spirit is in me.

I am both a rod of passion,
and a staff of healing.

I am a table
prepared in the midst of my enemies.
I am the oil
with which Spirit anoints.
I am overflowing with joy.

I am goodness and mercy,
ever patient, ever true.
I am the House
in which Spirit dwells,

So be it.

in the middle of the day
my thoughts wander
their own path
on their own initiative
seeking water from a different well

Who knows the softness of a rainbow
as it gently lays across the stormy clouds
lightening the burdens brought from far away
sparkling within the tears that fall
singing lullabyes and halleluias
dancing with the sun

The breeze carries word from Yeshua
whispering in my head
in softest strains of Pachebel
"Do not worry; I am here."

Lost in meditative wanderings
and yet, not lost at all,
centered in the love of Spirit
within the Sacred Garden
... Here... is a perfectly
good enough place to be.

Where I walk, I leave no footprints,
for it is sacred ground
upon the sacred web
within the sacred heart
of Spirit.

Softness, against the brash clanging...
Gentleness, against the violent slap...
Warmth, against the cold rebuke...
Here, I rest in the Earthmother’s lap.

The wind brushes gently past me,
and I remember your fingers on my cheek...
The sun rests upon me as I walk,
and I remember the warm words you speak...
The morning sings in happy tunes,
and I remember your voice within my heart...
The path holds steady when I’m not,
and I remember your love when we’re apart.

Is being
But not alive
And breathing...
That takes song
And singing
And not knowing
About being

I thought I knew it
I thought I knew depths
But no
Such greater depths
Open to me now
And yet
I hold to knowing
And needing to know;
I must transition
Beyond the knowing
Of breaths
And depths and deepness
And learn that singing
Is beyond
The ledge of learning
The edge of yearning:
That holds only being
Without the knowing

Is the key
To being me
All I seek
All I dream
All I am
Comes down to
My self
Into life.

Sing, flame of my Spirit
Sing, fire of my heart
Sing, flame of my healing
Sing your fiery art.

It waits now
At the edge of the meadow
At the edge of the forest
At the edge of the ocean
At the edge of the cliff
It waits now
My own Song.

Break now from your cocoon of silence
Having learned to breathe
Having learned to fly
Break now from your cocoon of silence

Let the music of the Spirit
Flow through you
Spring from your heart
Sing through your words
Heal through your Light

Let your singing heal
And grant protection
Let your singing calm
And bring Light;
Let your singing breathe
And grant freedom
Let your singing prosper
And bring Peace.

The Music of the Spheres
Reveals itself to you,
Allowing you to become One with it,
And know Truth.

Singing to the trees
The first step on the Path
Singing to the trees
In the wilderness
In the forests
In the rain
Singing to the trees
And learning who I am
Becoming who I am.

Sing to heal
Sing to feel
Sing to be real and realize
Who I am
Is more than
I think I am in others’ eyes.

Singing to heal a little one
Singing to heal the river
Singing to heal a horse’s run
Singing to heal the giver
Caused me my life of an evening
Caused me my life and more
Caused me the lives of my family
Caused me to die on the shore
Grieving I sang another song
Grieving I sang for them all
Grieving I sang for the deadly wrong
That came from singing my Call.

not christian that heathen singing,
not christian that heathen spell,
that cured without blessings from priests,
and so, was considered from hell.

I sing to heal your grieving
I sing to heal your heart
I sing to heal your leaving
To bear our time a part;
I sing to fill your saddened soul
I sing to make you smile
I sing your wounded self to whole
While we’re apart this while.

To hold myself in compassion,
in Stillness and patient care;
to hold myself in acceptance,
in Lightness and loving prayer;
to hold myself as an equal:
Uniqueness within the Whole;
to hold myself in the Spirit,
as Spirit lives in my Soul...
I know myself in the fashion
Creation is meant to be;
I know myself from conception,
to living, to flying free;
I know myself past the sequel,
past dying, and through the Veil;
I know myself as the Riddle,
in the ripples of my Grail.

Strange the beckoning beyond my walls;
strange the reckoning as It calls:
"Let go resistance to the Force;
allow assistance from the Source;
center and ground - shift to the Peace;
bring Light all 'round, and Dark release;
see with your heart what comes to view
reflecting the Spark reflecting you."

"The Spirit, Itself, has sentience,
and if it chooses to reach in and touch you,
It shall..."
['for I am gentle and soft and caring;
I will neither harm nor chastise you,
but only befriend'].

"The Spirit is not dependent
on your belief,
or intent.
Spirit is."

Tiny flame of fire
dancing on Spirit's hand
--true fire of True Fire--
--I am because I am--
Pale violet blue
joyful, playful flame...
on this Very Day,
the Spirit gives Thy Name.

"You have spiraled in on many levels,
in many ways, in many dimensions.
It has been a glorious Journey.
Now it is Time to begin the Journey out.
Consider this. Consider it well.
Consider only the Path before you, directly.
Be here. Be now. Center and ground.
Release. Breathe. Visualize Peace.
Smile. You're safe. This is going to be fun!"

“Pilgrim, I watch the ways you seek,
the paths you choose to roam;
there's not a Word that I could speak
you'd hear beyond your own.
Tis only when you ask for Light
that I can give you Mine;
but you have chosen your own night
that I can't re-design.
Look farther than the present road
to see what yet can be;
beyond your fear's strong undertow
that keeps you lost to Me.
The time will come when you'll believe
and in belief, become;
and I shall wait expectantly
til all your searching's done.”

“Though your talent for discernment
be refined and deepened and empassioned,
yet if your cosmology is limited -
as is innately human -
then so will be the discernment.
Expand, therefore, your cosmological understanding
by entering frequently that "Place"
where the Peace-that-has-no-opposite exists
as the very air you breathe,
and the Love-that-has-no-opposite
is all you really are -
at the very molecular [yea, quantum..]
level of your Being.
Bring discernment into this Beingness,
and Joy will light your Fire -
and you will truly be alive -
All in you and you in All.”

“Love is never withheld
but that it reflect
your own fear.”

“Heaven is not a "separate"
place or time or dimension;
I am Heaven...
and you have journeyed
into my Soul.”

"Although you choose to Be here,
for the Falling of the Mast,
tis not My choice you Die here
nor suffer with the Cast;
Remember that I love you
--and with that Love embrace
the Child who stands so stubborn
to prove she's worth my Grace."
(as if you ever had too...)

"You hold onto your life as if you could -
as if it were of substance...
might as well try to grab a hold of the wind.
Illusions are like that.
Not that your physical body is illusion,
but the concept of life as you perceive it is.
When illusion serves a purpose, it manifests."

"As the depths of the ocean
hold currents in gentle stillness,
so it is important for you to so do.
In your innermost core,
there needs to be a gentle Stillness,
undisturbed by storms above you
or grating eruptions beneath you.
Stillness is what you are,
is what needs to radiate from you,
is what binds you to awareness of the Light.
Flow in Stillness, and be who you are."

"There was no Fall --
you are not Fallen --
Indeed, my Love is Proof;
Tis what you chose,
and what you've chosen,
that gives Illusion truth."

"You are never lost. You are Here.
You believe you are lost because
you believe you should be somewhere else. are Here.
Enter then into the present of this Place
like a centered and grounded stranger -
confident, open, and at peace."

"Here," Michael says,
"sit patiently on the day...
for all that comes
-- all that God wills --
flows as the river:
neither tarrying nor hurrying
without pause...
neither moving one pebble
without cause...
Wait, sit here,
share this cup of tea --
and in this joyful Stillness,
God will call and answer Thee."

"When light fades to dark in the eastern sky,
and the land turns ashen gray...
When nothing wing`ed seeks to fly,
and all else hides away...
When winds spin dervishly hither and yon,
and seas erupt in flame...
Listen intent' to the thundering ground:
the Earthmother's calling your Name.

We sat down underneath Michael's Tree, and he said:
"And then you learn that there is no in-between. Anywhere.
The song shifts into a different tempo, texture, taste… but it doesn’t stop. Ever.
Quit thinking in separate and distinct polarities, dualities, and ideas of separateness.
That is the lie. Life is a neverending story and song.
The space between words and notes is just an inhalation, a spiritual bridge,
some color not on your human spectrum… it is not “nothing”.
It is alive… holding in that space the entirety of Spirit,
and well beyond your comprehension of that Beingness.
There is no in-between.....................
From one purr until the next purr, the cat still lives and naps
nonchalantly in the sunshine waiting for you to wake up.”

Prodigal Daughter
O Lady, tis only me
come knocking at your Gate;
I know tis dark and chilly, too...
and yes, it's kind of late...
but, Lady, tis only me
come Home from foreign shores...
how wondrous then to feel Your hug
before I reach the Door!

Oh, my Lady of deepest blue,
I feel your Spirit here,
Within me and around me
Soothing every fear...
Reaching through my Universe
To touch my Sacred Star -
My Lady, I feel your Presence
And know you are not far...
More like the Universal Wind
That breathes through deepest Space
Surrounding and investing all
With Spirit's Sacred Grace...
And so, within this lonely soul,
I feel thy Peacefulness:
You lay your hands upon my heart,
And leave me truly blessed.

"It is enough", She says,
"to be here, to be still,
to pray with me;
leave well until tomorrow
the Visions of Prophecy."

The grasses know
The oak trees know
The stream and rock agree
That Spirit's grace
Pervades all space
Beyond all we can see;
In every bird
Resides the Word ...
She breathes within the sea:
And so, 'twould seem
Tis not a dream
To feel Her love in me.

Truth be your nature,
your essence, your soul;
and Love, your expression
of all that you hold...
I ask your assistance,
Spirit-woman of God,
for guidance and sustenance
on the Path that I trod.