Wisdom of White Moose Mother

November 2009:

I ride the White Moose Mother now. She came to me last night when I asked if She would. She allowed me to get on and ride Her when I asked. When I asked where we would go, She said, "We are Here. Here is good enough. Here is where you will learn."

It's a snowy meadow not too far north to the Ice Plains, but almost. The snow is only a few inches deep, and it is easy for Her to get grass and such munchies for food. The trees are mostly barren, or rather, leaf-free. She says they aren't barren because they will give birth once again in the Spring. She tells me to be quiet and listen, and I hear a bird speak, and the rustle of small animals in the snow, and even far off, the wind brushing its fingers through the branches and knocking the snow off.

Then, She says, "Be quieter. Listen to the Deeper Sounds. The humming of the Earthmother, Pachamama, the thrumming of the energy lines, the Ancient Chanting that holds the stars in their courses and links all Creation together in perfect Harmony. Listen for your Sacred Note. Listen." So I did.


She chastens me not to Call or Speak Out names without thinking. She cautions me to consider my intent, which holds Power and may bring negative consequences unforeseen by me in my immaturity and foolishness, and perhaps even being harm to a friend or innocent bystander. "Being quiet, or of few words, is wiser."


The White Moose Mother was quiet for a while. Then She said to me, "Stretch out your arms, and tip your hands palms up and flat." This I did. Then She said, "Now listen with your hands."

And, in my puzzlement, She said, "Your hands are aware of a great many things that your mind is not. Your hands are not cluttered - they have no ego. They touch Spirit, though you know it not. They hear music that comes purely from the Divine Wellspring. They see colors unknown to your eyes and your imagination. They feel the different textures of the wind, and of the Strands of the Sacred Tapestry that the Wyrd Sisters weave. They can discern the subtlest changes in energy of any kind.

So...sit quietly upon me, and be mindful of what they perceive and receive. Listen to them. For they hold all your Power; but I know you - and you must experience to believe. So, then, be still, and know your Truth."


"Polar bear skins," She says, "donated to your cause, your initiation, this road of seven bridges - covering the yurt and floors. There are many Polar Bears who are transitioning out because of the Change. They told me they would gift them to you."

I am so honored. My home is like the womb of a Mother Polar Bear. I am safe and warm.

I have not built a fire yet because it is not yet time, I guess. Time, if it is moving at all, is moving very very slowly. I am not hungry nor thirsty. I am not cold, really. I just am.

The White Moose Mother says that it will take a whle to empty my body and all my energy fields of the toxins caught in my Web. Noises, sounds, chemicals, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, electrical buzzing, caustic humming, constant - until now. Now, I'm feeling and hearing what is like a "shadow" sound - like an amputee "feels" their missing limb.

So I will just practice being still and practice listening with my hands, underneath the Northern Lights.


She speaks to me, concerning the Reiki energy that flows through me. She says that Reiki is an understanding of allowing That-Which-Is to flow from my hands. The general Flow is from the Crown Chakra through the Energetic Stream of the Auric or Spiritual body and then through the hands. The Healing or Greater Will chooses then what the Energy will attend to, to affect in the Way of the Higher Good and/or serves the person's best. Always it affects both Giver and Receiver, according to the Higher Will.

For most who choose to open the Way for this Healing Energy to focus for the benefit of another, there is just a Knowing, a Sense of this Happening. There can be no direction, no interaction, no influence, no ego entanglement, in as much is as humanly possible. Therefore, the apprentice, journeyman, acolyte, must continuously and consistently work to clear Debris from their own Spiritual Web of Energy - not just this lifetime or current issues, but many and all lifetimes - for the Pattern persists in many guises, roles, beneficent or harmful, and those for whom you give Reiki have some relationship bond that can ensnare or entangle the most devout student, and yes, even a Teacher.


From the White Moose Mother, more information of Reiki is given to me, specifically. She says that my hands have access to the Knowing that exists within the Energetic Field manifested in a Reiki session. She says when I build a Gate in a Reiki session, that it opens my claire-sentience to whatever time and space is holding the person's healing needs. She says that if I am careful with my emotions (because of the relationship with the person at that time and space) I can assist the person in their active participation in healing, awarenesss, releasing or breaking a pattern. That is one of the Gifts of my hands, She says.

One of the most important things She says I have to work on is to not try to "finish the sentence" that Spirit is speaking. I must be patient; I must allow time and space for what the whole Truth is manifesting. I must trust - Spirit and myself. I must not let ego or eagerness to show-off, interfere in the Higher Good. I must not let my emotions influence the Course of Energy through my hands. My hands are not my own. I have committed them to the Light, to the Mother, to the Call for the Highest Good. My hands are not my own.


Under Her tutelage, I have practiced the Weaving of Gates using Reiki energy, so as to facilitate what is called Long Distance Reiki healing. To me, it is not long distance, but rather not in physical proximity... inotherwords, I am not physically touching the one in need, or who has called, or who has someone else requesting for them. This allows for Reiki healing in other Realms, dimensions, "past times and places", and star worlds. It is the quantumness of the Reiki energy and the Gates built of that Energy that eliminates any limits, boundaries, or Veils, in the Quest for lending aid and nurturing, easing pain, and transitioning through death.

And again, She reminds me these are not my hands to weave Gates for my own agenda. I must constantly seek awareness of my own shadows, seek wisdom, maturity, a sense of self and - paradoxically - selflessness. I must learn to find safety, nurturing, and trusted comfort within me.

I ask Her to let me ride Her around the snowy meadow. I am restless, and need to move my energy within the Energy of this Sacred Space. She agrees.