Journey to the Moon Pool

In my questing about different Worlds, I visited an Elf-friend of mine in the Faery Domain. I met him at the Moon Pool, which is like a Light Well. We discussed the three Shaman worlds: Upper, Lower, and Middle. I asked him how the shamans of his People visionquested or journeyed. I asked him what term his People used for "shaman". He said the term was "elcyrr". (I think that is what I heard) I asked how I could learn from them.
He said, "It's not something you learn. It's something you are. You can be an elcyrr, no matter what, if you can BE one."
What he meant by that, I perceived from what I was picking up from his "thoughts/visions". It appeared to me that he meant that as an elcyrr, you must open yourself to the Universe or Force or Spirit or Living Ether of that particular biosphere/cultural essence. I felt I got a Knowing of what he was saying without deliberate an inner awareness level.
He proceeded to say that if you allow that Force to completely flow through you, you would have an understanding of that particular culture/ people/ dynamics in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit that is most effective for them (included unsaid was ALL sentient life: plants, water, trees, animals, rocks, stars, Elves...)
He said, "You can just BE a shaman, an elcyrr, but you have to be able to open yourself, with no interference of your own. Get yourself, your ego, out of the way, and let the Force work through you. No interference, no influence at all. None."
He told me that I didn't need to learn with an elcyrr, I just needed to BE one. Although he didn't seem to expect that I could, he didn't seem to expect that I couldn't either. He allowed as to the fact that this is how it works in all dimensions, really. Just some people expect some form of accreditation to believe, unfortunately... And I knew he was calling me on this, because I would more likely believe in myself with that outside affirmation.
I thanked him, gave honor to his Clan, and wished him well.