Mountains and Rocks

I have held a Stone in my hand,
and felt the heartbeat of the Earth within it,
heard the Dreamsong of the Galaxy
that it chants so very, very quietly,
seen the Vision that it holds of wing`ed pebbles
escorting it Home.

given by Stones
is such
that sunrise
is more easily

upon the face
of an elder sandstone rock
veils its eyes
to so disguise
the Truth within its talk;
such sacredness
in nakedness
may be too deep to feel
for one like me
who's grown to be
too human to be real.

And yet, the boulders will respond
to questions I may pose -
their comments filled with
commentaries -
still, they do not close
the Bridge allowing us to speak
of what we both perceive...
and sharing those disparate thoughts
that both of us believe.

Much deeper the understanding
of what my mind creates -
in order to walk this landing
upon the Earth estates -
the Stones themselves will tell me
...whene'er my chatter abates...
that in my heart's own Stillness
is where the Truth awaits.

A Journey to the Stone People