Prodigal Daughter
O Lady, tis only me
come knocking at your Gate;
I know tis dark and chilly, too...
and yes, it's kind of late...
but, Lady, tis only me
come Home from foreign shores...
how wondrous then to feel Your hug
before I reach the Door!

Oh, my Lady of deepest blue,
I feel your Spirit here,
Within me and around me
Soothing every fear...
Reaching through my Universe
To touch my Sacred Star -
My Lady, I feel your Presence
And know you are not far...
More like the Universal Wind
That breathes through deepest Space
Surrounding and investing all
With Spirit's Sacred Grace...
And so, within this lonely soul,
I feel thy Peacefulness:
You lay your hands upon my heart,
And leave me truly blessed.

"It is enough", She says,
"to be here, to be still,
to pray with me;
leave well until tomorrow
the Visions of Prophecy."

The grasses know
The oak trees know
The stream and rock agree
That Spirit's grace
Pervades all space
Beyond all we can see;
In every bird
Resides the Word ...
She breathes within the sea:
And so, 'twould seem
Tis not a dream
To feel Her love in me.

Truth be your nature,
your essence, your soul;
and Love, your expression
of all that you hold...
I ask your assistance,
Spirit-woman of God,
for guidance and sustenance
on the Path that I trod.