Armageddon: Mars


Though there were signs
of Change to come,
yet nothing could foretell
that such designs
- when said and done -
would lead to naught but hell;
and knowing this
would not deter
the Shifting of the stars...
not up to us
what Fate bestirred
this planet known as Mars.

A Martian Eulogy

Once a stream had roamed nearby
beneath an outstretched tree,
as we lay there in song and sigh
and love's sweet tapestry...
Once a sky had vigil kept
with twinkling stars for eyes -
with evening breeze whose whispered breath
did dance with fireflies...
Once a land had held us two
in sacred auric bond
- in weaves of Martian-cobalt-blue -
until the dew-draped dawn...
But, in one moment, ere the sun
had topped the Eastern shore,
death reached out, not leaving one --
so quick to shut the Door...
And in that moment naught was left
as air ripped from the land
and seas to steam and nothingness
gave way to lifeless sand...
And, in that moment, torn apart,
by some galactic surge,
we yet remained in Spirit's heart
and into One did merge.