Martian Energy Healing

A Martian Healing Firestone can be used to access the powerful
BlueViolet Ray that has been used in Martian healing for millenia.
The actual color of the energy does not fall in the Terran/ Human spectrum
but is similar to blue-violet/ indigo colors.
The healing energy works similar to a salve put on the luminous energy field
where holes, tears, burns, and disintegration exist
to thus repair them to the original created state.
Only healers descended from the ancient Martian healers
are given the knowledge and wisdom of this type of Healing.

Martian healing is different than
the healing sent from Terran hands,
and yet no terms can illustrate
the different form such healings take:
Tis Vision set in certain Tones
- harmonics set by Spirit's Own -
woven so the Self's revealed
to resonate, and thus, be healed.

I hold this sphere of Martian-blue
- a Spirit-Light of deepest hue -
to draw your weary heart to sing
and mend your fragile broken wings,
to let your Child feel safe to cry,
to brace the fear, and then, to fly...
I hold this sphere of Martian-blue
to heal the deepest Song in you.