Inworld Maps

My Inworld Map

I had posited to my friend, Ikthar, the Sky-dragon, about creating maps of my Inworld Journeys. I had visited many domains and had a fair idea of their relative directions compared to each other. I had thought that this might enable other Sojourners to have an easier trek through this Faery Realm.
However, he stated that, inasmuch as I had personally journeyed to these Places, it didn’t necessarily follow that others could. He added that Sojourners are only “allowed” to see and know and experience what they are ready for, or what is permitted them. Therefore, others who may journey, say, to the Oberon’s Village, would not automatically be granted the same overview that I had… would not see what was not granted them to see. No matter if I knew it was “there”, it would not be manifested before their eyes.
“It’s a matter of progressive revelation,” he said. “This is a term you know well. One can only see what Spirit allows to be seen. One can only see the Path at their feet, as has been quoted by one of your authors. This includes you, my Friend. So, even though such Lands may or may not exist, one cannot know until it is thus revealed. You understand?”
“I think so. So then if indeed I did draw a map of my excursions in this Realm, and someone else tried to follow it, he or she would not find that Land, that Domain, those People, unless those People wished, and unless Spirit revealed it to them. And, conversely, I may not see what others have, for the same reasons. Is that close?”
“Yes. One of the interesting ramifications of this is that sometimes a sojourner may walk in the same Lands you have, but it will look different: the river may flow a different route, or the coastline may be farther away, or the mountains not exist at all. Sometimes, however, they may meet the People you know, and then you will have found a true Journey-friend.”
“This is an interesting thing. It seems similar to the concept that one can only perceive that which exists within one’s cosmology, whether in a real or imaginative sense. This is why it seems so important to me for people to share their thoughts, visions, and imaginings. Once one’s awareness is expanded, the cosmology is expanded, and more things become possible, even probable.”
“Yes, I believe that is so. I believe you and I have expanded each other’s world view, don’t you think?”
“Oh, very much so. I know it has expanded mine incredibly. And I seek such expansion through a willingness to risk my ego-comfort. Somewhere inside, I must know it all is worth it. And somehow safe, to do so.”
“I, for one, am glad to have met you. And I’m eager to go on more Journeys, too.”
“Be careful what you ask for…”
“Indeed. Well, here’s Home for you. Thanks for the company. See you around.”
And I disembarked, and walked to my Elfhome in time for tea with Kyriel and the Captain.