Friend and Warrior

Quite the Friend, you were...
waiting for me at the Shelter,
knowing I would ask you to accompany me -
hoping that Spirit was right;

Quite the Protector, you were...
ever watching for Shadows,
curled up in my lap watching movies -
holding a most precious Light;

Quite the Warrior, you were...
at peace with yourself,
at peace with the children, angry or sad -
at peace with the Path you chose;

Quite the Companion, you were...
playful, patient, accepting,
courageous beyond your wounded self -
giving me courage to let you go;

Quite the Cat, you were...
I loved you with all my heart,
and I know you loved me, too -
Farewell, my brave One, good-by;

Quite the Friend, you were...
and now you are beyond your pain,
and beyond my reach but not my tears -
Come curl in the lap of my heart tonight.