Deep Initiation Apprenticeship

I had hardly requested permission to visit with an indigenous ancestor faeryshaman, when my journey began. At first I touched in with the Wyr-sylvan, Hannah, my faery grandmother in the deep ancient forests - the forbidden place (without invitation) where the Green Man and Green Lady reside. But she told me I would need to go farther back, deeper in, than where she lived. And I ended up way, way deep in Faery, beyond the beyond, I guess...

And, there she was... even more earthy-green faery than even Hannah, though I'm at a loss to describe her... an earthbeing, perhaps... geesh, I don't know... and I tried addressing her... in my mind... or spoken, I'm not sure... but first, in English; then, in Faery...

Then she said, 'quit wasting energy in words; here, I know you; you know me; intentions are obvious to the energy tracker who is one with all; watch; listen'

And so I watched her as she used some type of stone and bowl to crush some green leaves to pulp. She indicated that I try some with my finger. So I did. I dipped my finger in and tasted it in my mouth. She said, 'follow the energy trail', because so much of my mind was 'wasting energy' with chatter and questions of what it was and what it did and such... I tried to just be present, but it's not very easy for me.

Anyway, I did follow the energy trail of the plant pulp, and it led from leaf to pulp to my mouth to my liver, and I saw it cleansing my liver... wow!

She told me that I would need to come spend a longer sense of 'time' and 'beingness' there with her, because it takes me so long to transition and pick up the energy holistically and integrate it into my knowing and being.

This journey was not like a Journey; this was like a Being; I mean, this felt like what I had put the intent out for; this felt like an apprenticeship of the deepest kind... and all I know to compare it with, well, I can't... but the sites and persons who do Faery work, well, this is just way too deep beyond that, and I know because I do Faery work and Faery Journeys, and I do it often, spending much more time interacting now, than before...and beyond that, I am of Faery... and now it was leading to this.

I asked her what name I could use to help link my energy to her place and beingness and she said I could call her, "Mahng". I can't explain how this feels more 'shaman' to me than anything else I've done previously... perhaps at some level, I already know most of the indigenous earth cultures shaman ways.. and I've always been connected to Faery... so maybe this is finally where I need to be.

Mahng and Bredha