MPD Code of Honor

1. The bottom line for all entities, in all ways, in all actions, must be for healing: both the healing of the whole, and the healing of each individual.

2. The discernment, accomplishment, acceptance, and reverence for the interconnectedness of all entities must be a priority.

3. The respect for all entities, without judgment concerning their means of survival, is non-negotiable.

4. No one entity, nor group of entities, shall prohibit, influence, subvert, or interfere, with any entity’s desire to make and hold contact.

5. Communication must be established, maintained, and encouraged, between all entities, although Outerworld contact is not required.

6. Reverence and respect for the Light in all entities must ever be preserved.

7. As much as each entity is able, honor, integrity, and peace, must be kept.

8. All entities must be willing and open to nurture and/or be nurtured, as is needed or wanted, in the Innerworld and the Outerworld.

9. All entities need to work toward maintaining the integrity of the corporate Whole, in the functioning and living in the Outerworld.

10.The Core child is the singular, most important, entity to be reached and healed; to be encouraged to make contact, communicate, and receive the love given in trust and Light… Open the heart of the Core child, and so open the gateway to true healing.

11.Establish, then, that contact be made as often as possible with the Core child, acknowledging and identifying her, helping her retrieve the lost pieces of her soul, kept in covenant by those who stepped in to keep her alive.

12.Remind the Core child, in gentle and continuous ways, that in truth all the entities within this corporate Whole are aspects of her own incredibly courageous Self.

13.Permission must be asked for and given before healing work is undertaken: consensus, individual, or Core child.

14.Bless the child; bless the children; bless the journey; let go and receive Love.

15.Begin another journey.