A Precious Lullaby

Verse 1:
Soft glows the moon,
Soft its cocoon
Of faery wings and mystic light;
Glowing dusty blue,
Glowing just for you
Even with your eyes closed tight.
Soft sing the stars,
Softly in the dark,
Harmonizing in the skies;
Singing of my love
In all you’re dreaming of,
Singing of my love in lullabyes.

Verse 2:
Soft are your dreams,
So soft it seems
That my breath seems much too loud;
Your neverending tale
Allows your soul to sail
Beyond the nighttime’s clouds.
I hold you close to me,
Closer than the beat
Of your heart echoing mine;
This warmth is weaving us
Together, in the trust
That soon the morning sun will shine.

Precious child of mine,
Here in this place and time,
I can love you forever –
I can love you forever –
And never, no, never,
Beyond life and forever,
Let go of the tether
That binds you and I.

Music and Voice: Teri A. Gessner
Lyrics: Devlyn R. Young

Lullaby Chorus in Sound