The Willow-Key

"Twined in green and leafy flowers,
Twined in Deep and Ancient powers -
The Willow-key lives in thy heart;
Tis crafted by the Faery art -
Allowing passage through the Land,
Creating ripples where you stand,
Drawing those who hear its Song
To see to whom its Voice belongs;
The Willow-key is thine to know,
Unlocking Doors so you may go
Upon a Path that's Spirit-drawn
That leads to Places far beyond
Whate'er thy thinking mind creates:
Through portals, pools, and Ancient Gates;
It is so Gifted, thus, to thee,
Deep in your Heart - the Willow-key.
I, the Oberon, state this true -
That none may take this Gift from you;
And Tatiana has sealed it deep
Within thy sacred Inner Keep.
So it is done -
And once done -
Done forever."

“Use the willow-key,
to weave a Bridge
where Worlds connect:
to bring back joy
to those who wept,
to lead, and find,
where Love is kept,
to balance Light
with Dark aspect,
and re-anoint
the True Elect.”

Diaphonous wings of Moonlight-glow
Illumine a Weave that none may know
'Cept One who holds the Willow-key,
and understands Fey prophecy.

Tis a Willow-key
inside of thee
so gifted and designed
by those in Fey
who know your Way
is sacredly entwined
in Faery lore
and Legend's Door
in mystical dimensions
to aid thy Sight
and weave thy Light
with Spirit's own intentions.

From the Willow tree
comes the Ancient Key
crafted by Elven flame...
and their mystical Art
sets it deep in your heart
to grow and become your name.