Dragon Invocation

Golden Dragon of the East:
Illumine me,
Companion of Initiation
And radical Birth -
Magus of Song and Script,
I ask your protection;

Ruby Dragon of the South:
Play with me,
Companion of Trust
And cryptic Mazes,
Magus of Fire and Change -
I ask your protection;

Lapis Dragon of the West:
Empower me,
Companion of Journey
And sacred Knowledge -
Magus of Heart and Healing,
I ask your protection;

Malachite Dragon of the North:
Consecrate me,
Companion of spiritual Wisdom
And Wyrd mastery -
Magus of Earth and Gates,
I ask your protection;

Obsidian Dragon below me,
Crystal Dragon above me,
By all that is Sacred within me -
Hear my Call to be near me,
In this Place and Time.