My Faery Initiation

I laid out my Journey blanket in our Spirit Room. I put in my tape called "Faerie Ring", by Mike Rowland. I shut the door and turned out the light. I became very quiet and went into myself. I began to visualize visiting with the Elf-women who have helped me regain power within myself. I also put out the intent to visit Tira, Merlin, and the Tibetan monk. I pressed on the vision to visit the Elf-women, but could feel resistance to that. I allowed myself to relax, give it up to the Universe, and go where I was meant to.

Presently, I was walking through dark woods, on a trail, and noticed that someone was carrying a lantern, slightly forward of me. It was one of those lanterns that had small panes of glass in iron frames – like a double-terminated quartz crystal. Cat (puma-panther Spirit Animal/Guide) was walking on the other side of me. I let go my previous intentions and let go to follow the lantern-bearer. That became my intention. It was my Dwarf friend from a previous journey. He brought me to his cabin where the woods opened up a little. His wife was waiting. I had met her, also, before. Her name was Smashfoot. She greeted me with my Dwarven name: " Hi, Roundabout!" She invited me to sit at her table. She said, "You’re holding too much fear, right now. Be Lady Lighthawk." So I shifted with that intent, and was indeed more comfortable. She showed me a map on the table. She said, "You are here", and pointed to the center. "You are always at the center, but this is a particular center, so remember it". I was still trying to concentrate. Then, she slammed a knife into the table, right next to me. I jumped, startled, and somewhat scared by her action. "You ought to be," she said, reading my thoughts; "Where’s your knife?" She was referring to the magic one I had been given on my birthday. "This is dangerous work. Why do you think you were given a knife, silly human woman? You do not protect yourself like a warrior. Next time you come, wear it, hear?" But I knew it wasn’t a question. Solemnly, I agreed. We looked at the map again. "You will journey to each place, but not tonight. You’re not ready. But you can get a glimpse to each one, okay? Hold my hands so you can remember the map, and the journeys. Ready?" I said, "Yes."

First I went to see the Elf-women. I felt the Dwarf shift in my hands to become my Elf friend and contact at their village. She was glad to see me. She told me to remember to carry my Elfstones, next time. Also, she said to carry a particular piece of Malachite for my focus point to the village, and on my whole journey. I asked about my Moon-elf friends. She indicated a portal that I could step through, to ask them in person. So I did. I stepped out at the Moon-pool. Deja-el was there. He, also, admonished me for not taking precautions, not being aware of the danger that would try to prevent me from completing my Initiation Quest. He shook his head at my naivety, but Kyri-el reminded him on what lay deeper, within me, so he shrugged and said, "At least carry the Moonstone with you that connects you to us, so we can help if need be."

Then I felt the Dwarf shift, again, into the Tibetan monk—Dheerma. He sat before me on the floor of a cave, high up in the Himalyas. He was wearing his red robes. "Welcome to Shambhala", he said, as a commentary on my just finishing the book, The Secret of Shambhala by Michael Redfield. I remarked that I guess I’d better be very careful with my thoughts and feelings, as they manifest so quickly here. He replied that that was true for me no matter where I was. "Watch your fear", he said. "You are the Invitation." Puzzled, I asked him to explain, but he shook his head, although his eyes were twinkling. "Your journey teaches you. Learn well. When you come to visit, wear the red scarf. Namaste".

Then I went to see Michael, the Archangel, and Guardian of my Life/Journey. He seemed quieter than usual. Intent, with his sword unsheathed. Concerned, I think. Wary. But it was good holding his hands again. We let the silence fill us with warmth and peace and love. He said, "Here is the Dragon Guide for you. She will change to whatever color you need, depending on your destination, your intention, your protection. She will take you to the Land of Legends, and to the Realm of Dinosaurs. She will take you to other star-homes, other times and places. And she will always bring you back to me. Learn what you will. It is time. I’ll be waiting for you. Just come to the Tree. I’m sorry if I seem distracted, but I am here for you. Trust me on that. Remember to bring the Dragon scale. Peace go with you, now".

Then I went to the "Southwest". I call it that, as a way of identification. There are no directions on this map. I must trust in my intent and the Force ( a Jedi term). In any case, I found myself sitting on a sand painting of the Whirling Rainbow ( a Navajo symbol of the Great Mystery’s Light ). It was the floor of a kiva (sacred place). Wrapped about the inside of the circular kiva walls was my Gila Monster guide. He grinned and welcomed me back. He said he was eagerly awaiting our Underworld and Otherworld journeys. He told me not to forget the Eagle, and pay attention. (He was referring to a previous journey where I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that an attack can come from above – to be aware in at least six directions, not four.) He said to bring the kiva incense holder for my focus tool to meet him again.

The next place I visited was with Tira, at a grove. I could feel her in my hands, as the Dwarf shifted yet again. I could feel her hands in mine. It was a good feeling. I felt like I was home. There were faeries flying all around, very happy to see me. I didn’t understand why, but it made me smile. One got close enough to kiss my nose, and fly off. I felt a wonderful warmth radiating between us. I wanted to help her with healing, but she said, "No. What I do – the way I do it – is important just this way. So it is for you. Find out about the "Invitation". What does it mean to be one? What does it entail? What does it require of you? These are important for you. Journey well".

Now there was just one place left to go tonight. To see Merlin. I left this for last intentionally. I found myself at Stonehenge. "See the kiva", Merlin said. "Everywhere you go, see the kiva. See the Whirling Rainbow at your feet. Know your Source. Know the Force. You have learned journeying. You have learned to interact in and with many realms, dimensions, and spirit places. Hopefully, you’re learning to sense danger, and be prepared ahead of time". He looked at me, and shook his head. (This seemed to be a common theme for me.) "No matter. Next time, consider this danger more seriously. You seem to have guardians everywhere. But danger will find you anyway. It seeks to stop you. Deter you. Prevent you at any cost. Bring your wand, too; your Jedi lightsaber. You need to be as serious as your guardians. But I know that you are, in your heart – it’s just not quite connected to your brain all the time. Get it? It’s been a long time, Lady. Since I’ve seen you. Since we’ve been together. Still fearful, huh? How – no, nevermind. It’s there. No issue to discuss now. Maybe later. Raven will guard you. She will be your decoy. And, of course, Cat. You have made many guide friends. That is good. Do not forget the trees and rocks and rivers and such. Remember all life knows you – flows through you – as you do through it. See the vastness of the starry space within you. You bring to life an invitation to heal. Sounds good, yes? But I’m a Druid, I hear you say in your thoughts. Like Allanon (of the Shannara books by Terry Brooks). Hard to trust completely. I tell you what Truth you need to know now. Of course I can’t tell you all. It would be overwhelming. It might influence your present choices. Trust me to tell you what you need to know, as you journey. Hmmm. Well, I am a Druid, indeed; and no less enigmatic than Michael, either. Think on this. We shall meet anon.

I found myself now holding the Dwarf’s hands again. Smashfoot sat quietly before me. Back in the cabin, I noticed the fire burning low. We ate stew and bread, and had tea. She showed me to my room, and said she would be waiting for me to return again. She said, "It’s an Invitation"… and then she laughed all the way to her own room.

I returned to here.



1) I traveled to see Merlin. I saw an Energy field overlay on Merlin from Michael. Very strange. We ported out of the Henge to his Crystal Cave. “Lady”, he said, “this is real. More real than your life as you perceive it”. I said, “But I feel inept, stupid, foolish”. “No”, he replied, “not inept. Not stupid or foolish. No, none of those things. You are here, so that cannot be. But you have asked for help to see yourself and what limits you. Listen closely. In your academic books, you learn how drugs interfere with the neurotransmitters in your brain, especially alcohol: slowing it, distorting it, causing delusions, lies, and unrealness. So it is with you”. “But I don’t do any of that stuff like drugs”, I said. “No – the fear you consume – have consumed – since your entry into this plane of existence, overwhelms your brain chemistry. See this picture in your mind. (And he showed me a familiar diagram of dendrites and synapses, and fear as a physical fluid substance inhibiting and distorting the electrical transmission of information – just like in class!) That was overwhelming to me. “How do I do anything to fix that?” He said, “You have to get sober. You have to go to places and be places where you can “breathe” in “oxygen” to replace all the fear. The more often you can do this, the more sober you’ll become”. So I went and slept the night on the Ocean’s beach. Later, as I was sitting watching the Ocean, I sent a thought back to Merlin, “Maybe I’m not really Called”. In a very stern tone (close to anger) that reflected a deep heart-felt intensity, he answered, “Don’t ever even think that!” He paused, and then said, “Now, breathe. Breathe, relax, sleep some. We have much work to do”. 2) I then traveled to Tira’s grove, to visit the Faeries. Again, they were excited to see me, flying all around, trying to engage me in a game of tag. I used my intent to be as them, re: wings and size. And so I was. They called me, Devyn-el. We played for a while. They showed me how they could slip through the energy fields of the plants and trees around there. I could do that, too! Later, I went and sat with a Faerie elder on one of the mushrooms of the Faerie Ring. I could feel – touch, taste, know—the Faerie Ring, as the edge of it was right next to the mushroom. I had conflicting thoughts and emotions about entering it. Reading my thoughts, she said, “No. Don’t go in. It will kill you. You must wait until you are sober”. She held my hands, empathizing with me. “When you are ready, you will be the key to the Ring. It waits for you. Be patient”. And then I faded back to sleep.