Conversations with a Gargoyle

In a spiritual journey, I was called to a higher Watchtower than the one in Ezekiel - like in "Heaven", or rather that place of Peace comparable to that perception.

I pondered to myself, "Umm, I wonder what Heaven needs with a Watchtower. Watching for what? I mean, this is Heaven, after all, isn't it?"

Then, I realized that on the Watchtower was a Gargoyle - that kind of angel that protects spiritual places, and I asked, "Umm, you're a Gargoyle, are you not, and a professional at watching the Gates, yes?"

And he replied, "For certain purposes, certain Callings; not this."

"Well, what could I possibly do better or different or, well, you know, that you can't?" I asked.

"They are coming."



"Uh, like me?"

"Right. -- Of course not like you." He climbed down from his turret to 'sit' nearer me (more like deep crouch). I wasn't in the Watchtower, but on the ledge walkway behind the crenellations. I was still marveling at the Vision: the landscape, city, fortress, just everything was kind of iridescent crystallne, but sentient, flowing -- solid to the touch, but not to the knowing... a brightness beyond cognition -- like rarified air of a rich liquid quality that you have to adjust to in order to breathe well: healing on every inhale and exhale.

[ It was enough of a shock to realize this 'Heaven', this 'New Jerusalem', was right here inside of me. Wow! And then, after that processed, the Call came: "Come to the Watchtower, here at the Gates of Heaven." "Me?" "Yes." And so I did. And so, here I am.]

"This is awesome!" I cried out.

"Of course," he remarked.

"Silly gargoyle."

He just looked at me out of the corner of his eye. "Silly human."

But I couldn't help myself. What a place! I stood looking out across the landscape. "What am I watching for? Do you know?"

"I have not been granted that knowledge ; but I suspect it has something to do with humans. That's why you're here."

"Well, but I don't expect to see armies or catapults or anything, do I?"

"Catapults. How archaic!"

"I'm afraid I don't have a clue what I'm watching for."

"In that, you have much company. In fact, it is a bit perplexing why the Spirit would allow such as this to even occur. Shall we await a seige? Shall we watch as they storm the Gates? Open the Gates for them? Let them destroy all this? I have to admit, I am greatly puzzled. Who can truly threaten the Spirit? But I remain steadfast in my duty. I cannot do otherwise. That is the domain of humans."

"Perhaps He intends to allow for the choice of completely destroying even the New Jerusalem."

"Why in the name of the Spirit would anyone choose to do that?" He gazed at me with such intensity, I couldn't help but shudder -- and feel what must have been an equally intense sadness, beyond any depths I've known, radiating from him.

"I don't know, but I can feel the Truth in that possibility," I said, "I still have no idea what lies behind this."

"It is of no matter," he somberly replied.

And we both stood quietly, deeply within our own hearts, our own thoughts.



Several months later, I am Called to revisit the Watchtower. I allow myself to flow with the Call of Spirit. I ask to be awakened. I find myself outside the Watchtower of the City of Light, otherwise known as "Heaven". I am kneeling, facing outward toward the "plains", with my arms outstretched before me and my palms open to receive - or hold - spiritual Light. And I sit there, patient and calm, full in the Light, waiting... There is an inner Knowing of some Cataclysm to come, amorphous in its sign. Then, I see to my left, the Gargoyle has come to wait by my side, as well... and somewhat later, another has come to my right side. The quietness, the stillness, is unbelievable, unwordable. But there is a sense of some huge tsunamic force heading our way, seeking to overrun the Watchtower and City. And a Knowing that I am to remain as I am, trusting in Spirit, and holding the Light.



I have realized with the Spirit Watchtower, that it is a much different kind of "thing" (as one would come to discover by being still and allowing knowing to distill through the "human" lens).

Spirit is a vigilant Knowing Being... responds to the Inner mosaic tile all sentient life carries within it... provides opportunities to choose... provides discernment of Its Truth to those who so choose.

Something like that. Especially to the "human" journey where such opportunities, options, and discernment is covered by the veil of illusion.

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