Deep Friendship

There are no words
-no power exists-
to say what I can feel;
for friendship has
a strange, soft touch-
a strength none can reveal.

And looking down, you can feel that it's beautiful:
the greens and browns of Nature's imagery, whispering
the omniscent breeze, smiling
the soft, blue sky, watching;
and you wonder why only a few have the key
through an invisible door
that closes only from the outside:
for no one ever leaves; few enter...
and you become a part of someone, of everyone
clothed in trust and washed in love
and you let your soul wander as you sit upon the edge
and you can feel the breeze disrobe you of disbelief:
you become nothing and everything
transparent and complete
absorbed and escorted
through the ragged edge of the Universe.

An iron mesh of fear enshrouds
a lonely heart that sings in clouds
and hides itself within the guise
of caring not who laughs or cries;
and yet I've seen beyond the walls
and heard the echoes of the calls
that summon once, then disappear
lest somone's touch should come too near;
so tell me not what lies beyond,
I've felt the momentary bond
and though the world would call me wrong -
I've touched a friend, and know her song.

In friendship, time and place dissolve
and only that remains
which summons silent from the soul
a closeness hard sustained;
a strange remembrance woven through
a searching heart and mind,
that cast their queries to the soul,
who tells them they are blind;
it matters not, the nevermore,
and less, the reasons then:
what mortal thought can re-create
God's touch within a friend?
And if, perhaps, along my way
we part to meet anon,
let not the understanding fade
that cast this wondrous bond.

like the sun,
has no coming
and no going...
but rather
an eternalness,
gently touched
and smiled upon
by God.

Soft, warm rays of sunshine
touch the cool,green grass -
we sit and talk together
and let the world pass;
I say I'm feeling lonely -
I need your helping hand
and, though it's kind of foolish,
I know you'll understand;
and after, you start talking,
depressed and kind of scared:
I didn't much but listen
to show you that I cared;
and 'neath the soft, warm sunshine
upon the cool, green grass,
we sat and talked together
and let tomorrow pass.

Soft as the touch
of wind upon the grass,
the counsel of
your listening
awakens me
from dreams,
and screams,
and broken glass.

Soft as the twilight reaching
across the solemn sky,
your thoughts are surely touching
all the depths I hide;
no where I can escape them --
the reality is ours:
your words have left their truth-prints,
like twilight leaves the stars.

Thoughts set adrift by a warming fire -
How far we travel then!
No cold, or darkness, thorn or briar
upon the path, no end...
Tis but a moment's journey held
within our hearts and hands;
the rhyme and reason unrevealed,
although it's clear He stands
not far from where the warming fire
has set our thoughts adrift:
a guiding Light as we go higher
to understand His Gift.