Forest and Trees

When I was talking to the trees, expressing my concern for them dying out in the forests here,
One replied: "We're not dying, we're moving!"


Elder Cedar
: Shaman of the Wood :
The Portal appears
in the Smoke-Vision of your Circle,
and the unspoken invitation
wings its silent way to my heart,
like an Eagle at sunset
weaving its Spirit-way through coral skies;
it is Here...
the Way --
the Path --
the Convocation
of many Sacred Parts...
the Culmination
of the Quest for the Sacred Ark;
and it is Here...
in your World...
where my soul is set free
and the Spirit flies
wafted by thoughts/feelings so divine
that I become Cedar and Eagle
in a Way that can only be understood
in the Circle of your Wood
kissed by the Myst of Sunrise
at Autumn Equinox.
Thank you and honor to your Gift.
Light to your Heart and Wind to your Wings.