Elven-scout upon my Path
--scimitar in his hand,
scowl darkening his emerald eyes,
though his presence Lightens the Land--
watches intensely the wake of my Trail
for enemies in the chase,
prepared to kill the Dark that follows...
and never leave a trace.

I weave the Moonlight’s silver strands
about me as a Shield,
and draw the Sunlight’s golden fire
into my auric Field;
I hold my crystals close to me
and read the Runic sign:
I call my Elven friend, and we
step through the Web’s design.

To my Elven-sister
Our Paths entwine
so carefully
so deftly
that our Knowing
is an Echo in our Souls;
we weave our Tapestries
into One...
the Magic breathes again
: the Earth made Whole :
the Warp and Weft
of Love and Honor,
allowing only Those
whose Hearts hold Both
to live beyond the Rending
...and the Mending...
Light keep you strong,
Moon kiss your wings,
Love touch your song,
Music bless your strings
til we meet anon.

Faery Journeys