Easter Revelation!

I centered myself to go to the Tomb area at Easter Vigil, before sunrise, 2004 A.D. I wanted to see for myself. This became an interactive Vision, and I found myself in the Energy of Mary Magdalene… somewhere around 33 A.D.

I walk in the garden in the area of the Tomb, mourning the loss of my best friend. I know he is/was more than that, but most of all, he was my best friend. As I near the Tomb, I see two Angels standing on either side of the rolled-away Stone. I hesitate to calm my heart and mind, which are racing with their Presence.
“Why are you here? Why is the Stone rolled away?” I ask them.
“Why do you look for your Friend in this Tomb?”
“Because that is where we laid him… Why do you ask?”
“He is not here.”
“What do you mean, he’s not in there? Where is he?”
“He will tell you himself soon. He promised he would rise from the dead. You will see.”
“You don’t mind if I look for myself, do you?”
“No; go ahead. We’ll be leaving now, anyway. Fare well.” And they disappear.
So, I go into the Tomb, and there’s no body there. There’s a shroud and such wrappings, but he is not there. I am puzzled, because I have no understanding of what has happened.
As I am leaving, I share my discovery with the two friends who had accompanied me here. I share what the Angels said. They reply that they are going to go share this with the Apostles, and I tell them I will be along soon, and will meet them on the road.
As I am wandering about the garden area, trying to figure this out in my head, I realize there is someone near by… watching me. I pay scant attention, when I feel no reason to fear his presence, and continue trying to integrate what has happened. Then I hear a voice say,
I know that voice.
“Yeshua?” I ask, tentatively…
I lose all pretense of holding myself calm and rush over to him.
“You’re alive! You’re alive! You’re alive!!!!!!”
I wrap my arms around him, and hug him, while he holds me for the longest moment in Time. Then, he pulls back and looks me in the eyes.
“I have risen, as I promised I would. Death cannot hold me anymore; nor anyone else. I will always be nearby. That also is a Promise. And now you can trust my promises, yes?”
“Yes.” And then I whispered again, “You’re alive!”
“This is what the other side of death looks like. You can do this, too, when you are ready. Go, tell Peter and the others what you have seen. And never forget that I love you.”
Then he disappears, also, but I hear his voice say, “I’m still here; I have promised. Now go.”
And so I run down the Path that my two friends have taken to share this most awesome revelation. My heart is soaring so high as to ride the sunbeams bursting over the eastern hills.

And, back in 2004, I know the true meaning, the true passion, of Easter. I know His Promise to be true, and I hold no doubt, today. I am dancing and singing in joy…