The Earthmother's Song

I journeyed back to the dark environs of the Earthmother’s Womb, strolling the wet dark shore, listening to the shushurring of Her inner Sea.
I shape-shifted to a silver-blue seal and splashed gently into the surf. I had no idea of any destination; no intent beyond just being. Being alive. And experiencing this World.
I swam parallel to the shoreline for a bit, and came across a spit of rocky beach, reaching out into the dark Sea. I climbed on the outermost rocks, finding one large and fairly smooth boulder to rest upon.
As I stilled myself, I began hearing music – a melody of such penetrating calmness that I could do nothing but listen. It was like “Sense-surround” accoustics. I could hear, feel, smell, taste the Song. Its touch was like clear, cool water on a dusty afternoon. The smell was a light fragrance that lifted the spirits and tingled the lungs. It tasted like lightly-salted snowflakes melting on the tongue. I bathed in it. Drank it. Danced with it. Breathed it in long, slow rhythms that matched those of the Song.
It was sometime during this symbiotic dance, that I began to see a soft glow on the horizon. As if a sun were rising. The Song became focused like a Pathway, stretching from my rock to the Glow. It called me.
I, as the silver-blue seal, dove off the boulder and began journeying upon that musical Path to the Glow. At any time that I wandered off this Path, the melodic tone would lose its perfect chord, and slip into dissonance.
So I knew, that regardless of not knowing destination nor having a blazed trail, I would never get lost or disoriented in this great Ocean.
Neither did I tire. As I stayed within the boundaries of the Earthmother’s Song, I remained alert, aware, energized and eager.
Soon (although no time truly existed here), I could see that the Glow was becoming more delineated with a sense of solidness, a separate sense of beingness within Beingness, if you can understand that. It appeared as if the Northern Lights had coalesced into an iceberg, though there was nothing cold, temperature-wise. As I neared this Sentience (for I could feel it to be so), it directed me to an area that I could climb upon from the Sea.
It very much looked like an iceberg, but its touch was like a meadow stream. I mean, the surface was solid to sit upon, but there was this sense of flowing, of movement, that ran just beneath the conscious thought. If I closed my eyes, I could know myself to be in some coastal stream, inland enough to be warmed by a late summer sun. Actually, I guess I can’t really explain it, but I tried.
I lay quiet in the Place, surrounded by the peaceful, nurturing darkness. As I finally stilled my thoughts, I began to hear a change in the Song that I hadn’t noticed before. It seemed that this Place was weaving an intricate melody into the Earthmother’s Song, somewhat like a flute playing a tune within a symphonic movement. I began to focus my listening on the “flute” song of this Place. I could almost understand the message, but I was trying too hard with my mind. This was a Heart-song, and I needed to let go.
I shape-shifted back to my Human form, and began singing, echoing phrases I was hearing – sometimes harmonizing higher or lower, sometimes replying in contrapuntal tones. I drew out my silver flute, and played with the tune, choosing here and there to sing, or not.
“Come in, then,” I heard a Voice say.
I looked around, and saw an open Portal, that had not previously been revealed. I walked in.
I felt as if I were walking within a solid manifestation of a musically-designed aurora borealis. The colorful spectrum, however, went far beyond what terms I knew. As I ran my fingers across the “tunnel wall”, the differing hues resonated with differing tones. As I carefully and intentionally stroked the surface, a sacred melody lifted itself from the walls, and filled the space in which I stood.
The tunnel opened into a huge spherical room. I sat on the edge of the tunnel’s end.
“Come in, Child.”
I looked around, trying to figure out how to do just that.
“Just slide down the wall, to the floor’s center.”
And so I did. That was cool! Now what?
“Now, you wait.”

* * *

So I sat quietly, trying to keep my mind uncluttered, and my heart open.
Gradually, I realized I was hearing a request for singing, to continue as I had begun earlier in weaving with the Song.
“Your voice, Child.”
That was in response to my hesitation about using the flute or not.
So, I stilled myself, listening carefully for the Song and the unique tonal Strand that was woven within it. Finally, comfortable in the Pattern, I began to Sing. The more I sang, the more I let go my cognitive Self, my Ego. I felt myself melding with this Place, with the Song, with the Sentience. I breathed its Breath. I felt its Pulse. I danced with its Movement. I lost all sense of Me, and knew Oneness.
Then I heard a Voice call me.
“Come back, Child. You have journeyed to my Heart, and sung its Song. You have danced within my Soul. Do not forget me. We are One. Song and Singer. Dance and Dancer. Remember this.”

And when I awoke, I was on the dark beach, curled up in my sea-stone, covered with a blanket woven of the Earthmother’s Heart-Light.